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Florida To Land Hoops Transfer From Duke

alex-murphy-dukeJust by saying a player is transferring from Duke — Duke! — it makes one immediately think, “Man, must be a good player.”  In the case of a former Blue Devil who’s transferring to Florida, the plays is at least a familiar player to Billy Donovan.

Alex Murphy announced yesterday that he would be transferring into the Gator program.  His older brother Erik Murphy graduated last year after four seasons in Gainesville.  The elder Murphy averaged 12.2 and 5.5 rebounds per game as a senior last season.

Alex Murphy is a redshirt sophomore who has averaged just 6.6 minutes per game this year.  ”I’ve gotten a chance to know Coach Donovan and the program,” he said.  ”I think it’s a great fit for me to continue my career.  I think they can help me develop as a player — and that I can help them a lot as well.”

Murphy the Younger will be eligible for action at the end of December next season.

Woulda been a cooler story if it had been this Alex Murphy:



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SEC Hoops: Florida Advances To Third Straight Elite-Eight With Win Over FGCU

march-madness-schedule-tv-logoFlorida 62 – Florida Gulf Coast 50

1. Gators win despite shooting just 38.6% from the floor.  Florida defense forces 20 turnovers.  Senior guard Kenny Boynton: “To be in the final eight says a lot, but we don’t want to settle here.”

2. Game-high 15 points from Mike Rosario.  Coach Billy Donovan:  “I’m happy for Mike Rosario, (Kenny) Boynton and Erik Murphy. But I’m proud of what they’ve been able to do up to this point in time and they’ve gotten better.”

3. “This Gators squad isn’t as talented as the back-to-back national champs Billy Donovan coached in 2006 and 2007… but it can beat any of the remaining teams in this tournament.”

4. Quick turnaround for Florida from late Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Will play Michigan for the right to go to the Final Four.

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WOW Headlines – 12/4/12

Arkansas hires Wisconsin coach Brent Bielema its new football coach
Auburn hires Gus Malzahn as its new head coach
Tennessee expeced to name its new head coach soon
Wednesday night SEC basketball scores
Missouri 81 – Southeast Missouri State 65
Mississippi State 53 – UT San Antonio 42
Arkansas 81 – Oklahoma 78
Georgia Tech 62 – Georgia 54
Kentucky 88 – Samford 56
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UF Reinstates Hoopster Larson

Redshirt freshman forward Cody Larson has been reinstated to Florida’s basketball team today.  “I wanted to get the legal process resolved before I commented on it,” Billy Donovan said.

Larson and teammate Erik Murphy were arrested in April for attempting to break into a car.  The charges against them were lessened over time and Murphy was eventually reinstated to the team. 

But the April arrest meant that Larson had violated the terms of a previous suspended drug-related sentence in his home state of South Dakota.  On Friday, a judge there gave him two years probation for that violation.

And now, he’s back on Florida’s squad.

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UF’s Murphy Reaches A Plea Deal

Suspended Florida basketballer Erik Murphy has reached a plea deal over charges of misdemeanor criminal trespassing.  Murphy and teammate Cody Larson were originally arrested on felony burglary charges in April for allegedly trying to break into a car outside a St. Augustine, Florida bar.

The charges against both were lessened to the trespass charges.

Murphy’s deal will call for him to pay court costs ($440), perform 50 hours of community service and complete a substance abuse evaluation program.  He will also need to write a letter of apology to the car owner and he is not allowed to consume alcohol or other controlled substances for one year.

Larson has a court date scheduled for next Tuesday.  He has pled not guilty to the charges against him.  He is on probation for a misdemeanor drug arrest in his home state of South Dakota.

Both players remain suspended from Billy Donovan’s team for the time being.

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SEC Headlines – 6/28/11 Part One

1.’s Seth Davis says John Calipari is worth every penny of his new $36.5 million deal.

2.  The 22nd best SEC game of the year will be Georgia versus Georgia Tech.

3.  Here’s a preview of this year’s Florida-Georgia game.

4.  Suspended basketball players Cody Larson and Erik Murphy are enrolled in summer school at UF.

5.  For you SEC baseball fans out there, South Carolina beat Florida 2-1 last night to take a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three national championship series.

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UF’s Larson Pleads Not Guilty To Trespassing Charge

In April, Florida basketballer Erik Murphy and Cody Larson were arrested — along with a team manager — for allegedly attempting to break into a car outside a St. Augustine, Florida bar.

Felony burglary charges were eventually reduced to criminal trespass charges.  (Charges against manager Josh Adel were dropped completely).  Larson entered a plea in his case yesterday and the plea was “not guilty.”

Murphy has yet to enter a plea.

If Larson is found guilty it’s possible that a previous court agreement he made in his home state of South Dakota could be affected.  So it should come as no surprise that Larson pled not guilty.

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UF’s Larson Pleads Not Guilty To Trespassing Charge

On April 10th, Florida basketballers Erik Murphy and Cody Larson were arrested — along with manager Joshua Adel — and charged with felony third-degree burglary for attempting to break into a car outside a St. Augustine, Florida bar.

The charges against Adel were recently dropped entirely while those against Murphy and Larson were reduced to misdemeanor trespassing charges.  Larson has now pled not guilty to that charge.  Murphy has yet to enter a plea.

Larson has a pre-trial conference scheduled for July 19th.  Law enforcement officials in South Dakota — Larson’s home state — are waiting on the outcome of Larson’s new legal case before deciding what to do regarding legal troubles he found himself in prior to signing with UF.

The Sioux Falls native allegedly “facilitated the use of hydrocodone” in his home in February of 2010.  Larson received a suspended 120-day jail sentence last May.  He was ordered to perform community service and pay a fine and court costs.

Larson was required to obey all laws for two years in order for his case to be dropped.

That might explain why someone who fled the scene and was caught on audio tape discussing the alleged car break-in is now pleading not guilty to a reduced charge.

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Murphy, Larson Still Suspended At UF

Charges have been reduced for Florida forwards Erik Murphy and Cody Larson, but Billy Donovan still isn’t ready to welcome them back to his basketball team.

Murphy, Larson and student-manager Joshua Adel were arrested last month for attempting to break into a car after a night of drinking.  The charges were dropped against Adel and Murphy and Larson now face only misdemeanor criminal trespass charges.

However, “It’s important to wait,” Donovan said.  “I think there is a lot of things they still have to go through.  For example, there was a report or perception that Josh Adel was quote-unquote the lookout.  That wasn’t the case.”  Meaning some facts of the case might continue to change.

“I’m disappointed with what’s happened.  I don’t think those kids and their families are a reflection of what has happened.  What I do think is this thing needs to get resolved, and once it gets resolved and once I find out what the resolution is I’ll react from there.”

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South Dakota Officials Could Make Donovan’s Decision On Larson Easier

When basketball player Cody Larson arrived in Gainesville last year, he did so while still under the watchful eye of the state of South Dakota’s legal system.  His arrest in St. Augustine over the weekend — along with teammate Erik Murphy and student-manager Joshua Adel — could land him in more hot water in his home state.

Some back story: Larson was charged with sharing hydrocodone with a high school teammate in February of 2010.  (He had also gotten in trouble with alcohol prior to the painkiller issue).  Last May, Larson was given a suspended 120-day jail sentence and was ordered to perform community service and pay a fine and court costs.

He is now charged with third-degree felony burglary for attempting to break into a car.

According to Rachel George of The Orlando Sentinel:

While Larson was not on formal probation and didn’t have to check in with a probation officer, he was require to abide by all laws for two years in order for the case to be dropped.

So far, the folks in South Dakota are taking a wait-and-see approach to Larson’s latest legal troubles.  “It would be discretionary on our part to file the motion to revoke depending on how (the latest arrest) is resolved,” said Aaron McGowan, a state’s attorney in Larson’s home county.

“It’s just premature.  We’re not going to take any formal action until we know more about the circumstances down there.”

Coaches don’t like to boot players.  That’s why Gator coach Billy Donovan has chosen to wait for a verdict before he takes action, too.  So technically, the state of South Dakota could take the matter out of Donovan’s hands if it decides to act on Larson soon.

If it does not, then Donovan will have to decide whether or not to give a second chance to Larson (and Murphy and the student-manager Adel).  Doing so might be a tough sell now that embarrassing secret audio recordings of the trio — made in the back of a police cruiser — have been released to the public.

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