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Ha Ha! UT O-Coordinator Chaney Says Bray Did Watch Film

Two days ago, Tyler Bray said that the second half of the Florida game wasn’t representative of the Tennessee football team.  “That wasn’t our team,” the quarterback told the media.  He then said he didn’t even watch the second half of the 37-20 loss on tape.

When a few Vol fans had a rather natural poor reaction to that revelation and a few in the media raised their eyebrows at such a statement — including this site — The Knoxville News Sentinel went to Vol offensive coordinator Jim Chaney to see if Bray was telling the truth.

He wasn’t.  At least not according to Chaney yesterday:


“‘He’s not telling the whole truth,’ Chaney said with a smile.  ‘We watched the game together.’”


Interesting.  So should fans believe Chaney or Bray from now on?  Either Bray fibbed to the press (and therefore fans) just… well, just because.  Or Chaney is bending the truth now because he knows how bad Bray’s initial statement looks and sounds.  Which one should be trusted the next time he provides an answer on something as simple as “Did you watch film today?”

As we stated yesterday, Bray has an NFL-caliber arm but his decision-making — on and off the field — will be highly scrutinized by scouts and general managers before next April’s draft if he comes out early.  You can now add his decision to claim that he didn’t study the second half of a loss to the list.  Some personnel folks are going to ask him if he does actually watch tape of his own bad plays to learn from his mistakes.  And if so, why would he want to tell the world that he does not?

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