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Report: Nutt Boots Arrested Players

Last Friday morning, Ole Miss football players Delvin Jones and Clarence Jackson were arrested for public intoxication.  Both were suspended indefinitely, though Houston Nutt said the incident — which wasn’t the first for either player — “probably (means) they’re going to be removed from the team.”

Moments ago, David Brandt of the Associated Press tweeted that both players have officially been dismissed from the Rebel squad.

For all the guff Nutt takes over his multiple roster moves, the coach is putting discipline first in this case.  Jackson — thanks to a knee injury to DT Shackelford this spring — was expected to claim a starting linebacker slot on the Rebel defense.

Jackson was suspended for four games last year when a television and DVD player belonging to the UM math department — gotta love that — were allegedly found in his possession.

Jones served as a reserve defensive lineman this spring.  He was suspended for two games last season for the dreaded “unspecified violation of team rules.”

Both players were sophomores.

On Friday, Nutt said, “We’ve had a really good January, February, March, April, this May.  We’ve got two selfish guys that just make a wrong, terrible decision that embarrasses the 98% that do it right, that’s what makes you so mad.  These guys have been talked to repeatedly.  That’s what bothers me.”

Apparently they won’t be bothering the coach anymore.

UPDATE — Here’s a statement from Nutt that UM released regarding the dismissals:

Clarence Jackson and Delvin Jones have been dismissed from the Ole Miss football program for violation of team rules.  I believe in trying to make a difference in a young man’s life, and second chances are a part of that.  However, you reach a point where you can’t through to them, and as a team, we have to move on.  We wish them the absolute best and hope they are able to get their lives in order.

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Former LSU Assistant Says He Had No Dealings With Lyles

Earlier today, reported that a former Texas A&M assistant coach claims that he was told by alleged street agent Willie Lyles that A&M would need to cough up $80,000 in order to sign prized recruit Patrick Peterson.  Peterson turned out to be one of the nation’s best cornerbacks and kick returners after signing with LSU.

Now former LSU aide Earl Lane — who was the lead recruiter in the Tigers’ chase for Peterson — tells ESPN that he had no dealings with Lyles.

“There’s a lot of rumor and innuendo,” Lane said.  “But I believe in doing things the right way and on the up and up.”  He also said that he has heard of Lyles, but “if the guy walked right in front of me right now I wouldn’t know who he is.”

Meanwhile, Peterson’s agent tells ESPN that the player and the father have told him they know nothing about Lyles’ request for cash.  “They are both shocked,” said Patrick Lawlor.

According to the website, Peterson himself spoke with Jordy Culotta of WNXX-FM in Baton Rouge via text message.  Culotta had offered Peterson an opportunity to discuss the situation, but the former Tiger responded:

No I’m good.  Cause that’s all it is yu know, but thanks any way.

Later he added:

All baloney.

LSU officials have admitted to recently paying Lyles’ college recruiting firm $6,000 for a DVD.  (Must’ve been a helluva good DVD.)

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A Tennessee fan thinks we are all just jealous

Content provided by John Clay’s Sidelines.

From the e-mailbag, Scott from Tennessee writes:


You and your cohort – Mr. Story – are really two pieces of work. It’s almost become way too comical the obsession you two guys have with Kentucky football beating Tennessee. Is beating a bad UT team really more important than a bowl game? Give me a break!

I would love to have a nickel for every time one of you two guys have written about this subject. I’d be a millionare by now. I know you two guys are UK alums, but come on. I thought you were supposed to be unbiased as newspaper reporters. Your bias for UK is unbelieveable. You should be embarrassed.

I really don’t get this obsession from either one of you, or from the UK fan base. For some strange reason, you guys actually expect to beat UT. Face it: UT is just the better program – always has been, always will be. We’re going to beat you guys 9 times out of 10. Lately, it’s been 25 out of 25! So just live with it! (If you can’t beat us this year, you’re never going to. We’re on the rise; UK and their Joke(r) of a coach is on the downhill slide, as usual.)

I think the real answer is that all of you UK fans are jealous of the University of Tennessee and it’s fans. We have the better football program, we have the best women’s basketball program in history and we’re an emerging power in men’s basketball. UK fans can’t stand that! Otherwise, ya’ll wouldn’t make such a big deal out of the rivarly. Case in point: Are you still selling that DVD of the women’s basketball victory over UT from a couple of years ago in your campus bookstore? What a joke!

Stop being envious and start building better programs. If you put half as much effort into that as you do in beating UT, then you might start winning something substantial. See you in a couple of weeks for No. 26! GO BIG ORANGE!


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