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A&M’s Manziel A Trick Shot Artist, Too?

Is there anything Johnny Football can’t do?  If you watch this video, apparently not:


Johnny Football Edition | Dude Perfect


As someone who’s spent the last 20 years in the television industry I’ve come to be skeptical of online videos that look too good to be true.  And this online video looks too good to be true.

Back during the days of the old David Copperfield magic shows on network television, someone at a station I worked at would tape the specials and then go through the “tricks” frame-by-frame.  When they did so, they found edits.  Lots of them.  Quick edit points — unnoticeable at full speed to the naked eye — used to create the illusions.  That was in the 1990s.  With the video, graphic, and animation packages now available to everyone for home use, creating fake “amazing” videos is even easier. 

But “Dude Perfect” — the group of Texas A&M’ers behind this video of Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel — have become celebrities with their trick shot videos.  So perhaps this isn’t trick photography.  Perhaps they and Manziel really can throw footballs through basketball hoops from the tops of stadiums.  And perhaps Dude Perfect can really make trick shots from a blimp.  After all, they’ve appeared on all sorts of national television shows and been given the stamp of approval by thousands and thousands of online viewers.

Of course, Copperfield was a pretty big celebrity, too.

But even if the video above has been doctored, it still shows Manziel to be pretty affable chap.  And it’s not the kind of Heisman-candidate hoax that would, say, lead to two weeks of news coverage if discovered, either.

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