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Virginia Tech Douses SEC Speculation

There are two kinds of denials in this world:

1.  The non-denial denial.  You know that one.  “I love it here and I’m focused on the future,” is what Coach X says right before he leaves for a better job.  “We haven’t talked to that conference and we like our current home,” is what sharp school administrators say when asked about realignment rumors.  Comments like that keep all options open.

2.  The flat-out denial.  There’s no getting around this one.  There’s no room for debate.  It’s a hardcore “no.”  And the flat-out denial is what Virginia Tech officials keep using with regards to SEC chatter.

Earlier this week, a writer for The Roanoke Times claimed that after talking to “the most influential Virginia Tech person” he knew, he had decided that Hokie brass might listen to an offer from the SEC after all.  (And this is not to knock on Doug Doughty who may wind up being correct.)

But over the next 24-36 hours, his story spawned a wave of “Virginia Tech is starting to show interest” stories.

This morning, we pointed out — again – that Tech AD Jim Weaver had already gone on the record as saying he would expect his school to “politely decline” an SEC offer.  Three weeks ago he said the ACC is simply a better fit for Tech.

Well, now the flat-out denials are getting even stronger.  In reaction to the “Tech’s showing interest” stories, a spokesman for Virginia Tech’s school president said the following in an email to The Norfolk Daily-Press:

“Total poppycock.  How many times do we have to say it?  If one of these rumor mongers, would be willing to cite their ‘multiple sources,’ it might lend some credence.  Frankly, we’re tired of other people telling us what our future is.

We are not interested.  Nothing has changed.  My president will not dignify wild speculation.  Our last statement (from August 12th) still stands.  Bottom line: this is not on our radar screen.”

How ’bout them apples?  (For the record, that statement of the 12th said that Tech had no interest in discussing a move to another conference.)

Look, if a person giving a non-denial denial changes his mind, he’s got wiggle room.  If a person giving a flat-out denial changes his mind, he’s a liar.  And here’s betting Tech doesn’t have big-league liars working as its AD and its presidential spokesman.

It’s time to scratch Virginia Tech from the wish list, people.  Also, judging by the fact that campuses from Missouri to Florida State to West Virginia are unusually leak-free at the moment, it continues to look like Mike Slive seriously over stated his league’s attractiveness when he said in July that he could get “to 16 teams in 15 minutes.”

If he does so, a whole lot of jaws are going to drop… because, for now, even reaching 14 schools seems to be a bit of a stretch.

Stay tuned…

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