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Missouri’s Pinkel On Suspended WR Green-Beckham: “I’m Disappointed, Frustrated.”

gfx-they-said-it4This week, star Missouri receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was suspended for an undisclosed violation of team rules.  It is the third time the junior-to-be has been suspended from Gary Pinkel’s program.  Speaking yesterday, the Tigers’ coach made it clear he’s tired of the off-field issues:


“I have 126 players and I’m responsible for every one of them.  I take that responsibility, just like I have with my three kids.  Obviously, I’m disappointed.  Frustrated.

We run this program with integrity.  We teach our players to be accountable, responsible people.  When they make mistakes — and they’re going to make some mistakes — when they’re serious mistakes, obviously, it stings.  It stings me.  It stings the players.  That stings our fans.  My job is to get it fixed.  That’s what I intend to do.”


Green-Beckham was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of drug activity.  He was charged with possession of marijuana in 2012.  Police records show that he is currently tied to a Columbia Police Department investigation into an alleged burglary.  His involvement in the first-degree burglary case is unknown — Victim?  Perpetrator? — at this time.

Green-Beckham finished 9th in the SEC last year in receiving yardage (883) and seventh in catches (59).  He tied for the league lead in touchdown receptions (12) with Texas A&M’s Mike Evans.  Those numbers might explain why it’s “three strikes and you’re suspended again” instead of “three strikes and you’re out.”

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Green-Beckham Update: No Charges Filed

Charges have not yet been filed against Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, who was arrested early this morning in Springfield, Mo., for “felony distribution, delivery, manufacture or production of a controlled substance.”

It’s unknown if Green-Beckham will face charges regarding the incident.

Green-Beckham was released from Greene County Jail early Saturday morning.

“(The release) probably means he wasn’t involved with what they thought he was involved in,” a jail spokesman told The Maneater, Missouri’s student newspaper.

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Mizzou’s New Nike Duds Not As Bad As they Might Have Been

First, let me just say that after last week’s short nugget about what Missouri insiders were saying about the school’s soon-to-be-released new Nike uniforms, it’s clear that Mizzou and its fans will have no problem fitting in with their new SEC brethren.

Under our post, many Tiger fans jumped into our comment boxes to claim that we were attacking their school, should keep our mouths shut, etc, etc.  Some comments were so nasty that they had to be deleted after some claimed they were offensive.  That’s A-1, standard, paranoid SEC overreaction.  Reading something into a story — “obviously we’re the redheaded stepchild of the SEC” type of jibber-jabber for instance — that isn’t even hinted at in the actual story?  Why that’s real SEC passion right there.

Anyone who doubted that Mizzou fans had the passion necessary to be overly sensitive or too easily angered by throwaway blurbs need only study the drama unleashed by our quick “ugh” remark regarding… a uniform.  Some readers even ignored the fact that we included a quote that made it clear these unis were designed to attract recruits first and foremost.  They ignored the fact that we also took a shot at Georgia’s garish, laughable 2011 Power Ranger uniform.  And that we ended by saying we hoped the uniforms “wouldn’t be as bad as feared” when finally released to the public.  Instead of grasping all that, some saw only our clear haaaaaaate for MU.

That type of buffet reading — “I’ll read this, misinterpret that, and totally ignore that” — is pure SEC gold.

And speaking of gold, now that that uniforms have been unveiled, I’ll still say that I’m not a fan.  I prefer old, shiny, metallic gold to yellow.  That’s a personal preference and I’m sure you have your own take on that one.  I’ll try not to be offended if you prefer yellow to gold as it’s really not that big of a deal and won’t cost me any sleep tonight.

The main unis — complete with the oval Tiger-head logo on a black helmet — aren’t nearly as Oregon-esque as some Mizzou officials had hinted.  We at see that as a positive, you may not.

The alternate football uniform — the one with the yellow jersey and the big yellow Tiger head on a matte-finish black helmet that looks like its been splattered by a paintball — is rather CFLish, if you ask this scribe.  That’s the alternate uni at left.  Ick.  Sue me.

A few Tiger fans aren’t happy that grey — I’m sorry, “anthracite” — has been added to some of the uniforms, but I don’t think it looks too bad on the road white unis.  Of course, “anthracite” was first introduced by Nike as part of its Pro Combat design for West Virginia a couple of years ago.  Not sure how much coal mining is done in Missouri, but anthracite’s now part of the Tiger brand for better or worse.

The basketball uniforms are — in my opinion — worse than the football unis.  The grey-on-black-on-grey Tiger stripe patterns are just too funky for an old-timer like me and I’m not big on uniform numbers that are the same color as the uniform itself, either.  Again, just my take.

But these jerseys and pants and helmets weren’t designed for impartial critics like yours truly.  They weren’t designed for Mizzou fans, for that matter.  They were designed to appeal to 17- and 18-year-old kids who are actually wowed by abominations like this.  So again, things could have been much, much worse.

The biggest drawback to this non-MU guy is the loss of the big block M on the helmet.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Supposedly people confused Missouri with Michigan.  Is it just me or does anyone else think that’s a total crock?  Michigan has one of the most iconic helmets in the country and it’s got nothing close to a block M on it.  So we’re not going to buy the “they confuse us with Michigan” line even if Mizzou and Nike officials want to keep pitching it.

We liked the previous Tiger uniforms and thought they looked more traditional.  These unis are more modern and that’s part of the school’s new branding efforts.  So be it.

If recruits like Dorial Green-Beckham sign after seeing them and if the Tigers win games while wearing them, they’ll end up being a huge success.  Regardless of what fans or fashion critics or independent sites like this one are saying today.

So much for our sartorial review.

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Missouri Signees – The Latest

Signed So Far:


Evan Boehm, OL

Morgan Steward, RB

Donavin Newsom, LB

Evan Winston, DL

Sean Culkin, TE

Maty Mauk, QB

Ka’Ra Stewart, DB

Harold Brantley, DL

Levi Copelin, WR

Rickey Hatley, DL

Torey Boozer, LB

Micheal Scherer, LB

Russell Hansbrough, RB

Jordan Williams, OL

Chaston Cuffee, DB

John Gibson, DB

Markus Golden, LB

Dorial Green-Beckham, WR

Darius White, WR

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Report: Green-Beckham Will Choose Missouri

Wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham from Springfield, Mo., is expected to choose Missouri over Arkansas when he signs his National Letter of Intent on Wednesday.

That report is courtesy of John Hoover, who covers Oklahoma football for the Tulsa World. Hoover wrote the following on twitter:

“Extremely good source just told me Dorial Green-Beckham to Missouri. Influential visit last wknd. Things can change but I trust him.”

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound Green-Beckham, who’s widely considered to be the nation’s top wide receiver, has also considered Oklahoma, Alabama and Texas.

The move might come as a surprise to some as Green-Beckham has recently been considered a lean to Arkansas. The addition of Green-Beckham would come at a nice time as Missouri prepares to play its first season in the SEC.

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Petrino Won’t Visit Green-Beckham To Avoid Violation

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino won’t visit wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham at his home on Thursday night.

Petrino inadvertently bumped into Green-Beckham when they were both in San Antonio, Texas, earlier this month. The decision not to visit Green-Beckham is to avoid a potential NCAA violation.

“No violation has occurred and we are taking proactive steps we feel necessary to avoid any risk of one,” Arkansas said in a statement.

The decision to not make an in-home visit shouldn’t have an effect on the decision of Green-Beckham, who took an official visit to Arkansas last weekend.

Green-Beckham, who is also considering Missouri and Texas, is considered by many to be leaning toward signing with Arkansas.

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Green-Beckham Race Coming To A Close

Wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham from Springfield, Mo., is arguably the most coveted prospect in the nation.

He certainly is in the SEC, at least according to us.

But which college will Green-Beckham choose when he announces on ESPNU on Feb. 1?

ESPN National Recruiting Director Tom Luginbill told the Paul Finebaum Show on Wednesday he believes it’s a three-horse race involving Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

“I’d give a slight lead to Arkansas,” Luginbill said on the show.

So would writer Bryan Fischer, who said on WNML Radio he thinks “there’s a good chance” Green-Beckham signs with Arkansas.

Texas has been considered a longshot to land Green-Beckham but hasn’t given up. Longhorn coaches are scheduled to see Green-Beckham at his home this week.

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