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Mizzou “Wants To Grab A Little Piece Of What Oregon Has Done” Uniform-wise… Ugh

For those Missouri — and SEC — fans scared to death that Nike is about to Oregon-up Mizzou’s uniforms, you probably won’t like what you’re about to read.  In today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri recruiting coordinator David Yost is quoted as saying, “Everyone kind of wants to grab a little piece of what Oregon has done.”


As we told you last month, Mizzou officials are letting Nike give the school a makeover.  Judging by a blurry screengrab, it looks like that makeover can best be described as West Virginia-meets-Oregon… as opposed to the classy, traditional, old gold and black uniforms the Tigers have sported in recent years.

More worrisome from a fashion perspective, MU equipment manager Don Barnes said, “All the recruits this year have seen these new uniforms, and they love this stuff.”  That’ll likely be good for recruiting, but bad for the eyes.  Remember, it’s 18-year-olds who love Oregon’s flashy, bizarro football unis and Baylor’s highlighter-green hoops get-ups.

Barnes continued: “… do I please you, the fan who’s been watching for 30 years, or do I go after and do everything I can to make that 18-to-21-year-old kid love it?  Love it so much that they want to wear it.  And now you get that 6-star recruit.  And the more of those guys you get, the more you win, the happier you are.”

And if you’re Oregon, the uglier you are.

It’s good business to tailor a school’s uniforms to the desires of recruits, but where’s the limit?  How long before some team starts wearing pants so low-hanging that players must keep one hand on them at all times in order just to hold them up?

Missouri will have 24 — yes, 24 — different uniform combinations available this fall.  Sorry, but that’s not a selling point around

There are 12 fanbases in the SEC that scratched their collective noggins when Mizzou was invited into the league.  Will they fit, many asked.  Personally, I’m not sure the Tigers will be doing themselves any favors on that front by entering the nation’s most tradition-rich league while wearing uniforms that — from what it sounds like — could have been worn by Gil Gerard in his circa-1980 “Buck Rogers” television show.

Georgia went with a Power Rangers uni for one game this past season and were darn near laughed out of the league for it.

Missouri will unveil their new collection of uniforms at halftime of Saturday’s spring game.  Here’s hoping they won’t be as bad as feared.

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