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Mizzou Site Reports MU To SEC Is Dead After Slive Works For Mega-Deal

The folks at — the Rivals site covering Missouri — are reporting behind their paywall that according to a source at Texas A&M, Missouri will no be getting an formal or informal invitation from the SEC any longer.

Also, the site states:

“The SEC talked to (Oklahoma president) David Boren late last night about the possibility of MU, OU, and OSU going to the SEC.  That was rebuffed.  OU is staying in the Big 12.”

We’ll follow Mike Slive’s lead not step on any toes.  If you want to read more, you’ll have to buy a subscription to

You can choose to believe or not believe the claim above.  There are reasons that claim make sense… and reasons why it doesn’t…

Doesn’t:  Slive has been awfully careful not to appear to call any schools and the SEC has sure seemed spooked by Kenneth Starr and Baylor so far.

Does:  The SEC spoke with OU when the Big 12 almost blew up last year.  A&M and OU would be a great, big-name, splashy move on the part of the league.

Doesn’t:  Our sources have told us repeatedly that the SEC — now that A&M has coaxed it into expanding to 13 teams — wants a 14th team and that is all.  The SEC does not want 16 schools unless the whole landscape shfts.

Does:  It looks like the whole landscape me indeed be shifting.  And wrapping up three new states, multiple new TV markets and some good schools and athletic programs would be a strong, wise move.

Doesn’t:  But Slive and the SEC do not want to be blamed for the collapse of an entire league.  Grabbing Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Missouri would nuke the Big 12 just as it appears to be healing (again).

Does:  We have been told that SEC officials were not happy with the very loud leak that was sprung in Columbia yesterday.  The SEC conducts its business stealthily.  Missouri obviously cannot (especially considering last year’s nonsense with the Big Ten).

Got all that?

So believe what you will.  This thing could still play out in a million different ways.

If we had to bet, we think the SEC is currently looking at a 13-school set-up for the foreseeable future… unless the league and FSU decide to do what’s right by both parties and wed.

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