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Charges Reduced For UF Basketballers

Two Florida basketball players and one manager got good news today as the legal charges against them were lessened and — in one case — dropped.

Erik Murphy, Cody Larson and manager Joshua Adel were arrested on third-degree felony charges after allegedly attempting to break into a car outside a St. Augustine bar last month.

This morning, the State Attorney’s office announced that the charges against Murphy and Larson have been reduced to second-degree misdemeanor criminal trespass charges. 

“They have paid restitution to the victims to get a headlight fixed,” a spokesperson for the State Attorney said.  “The charges reflect that they tried to go into another person’s car without permission.”

“When we were talking to the victim of the crime and looking at the facts of the case, it wasn’t a very sophisticated crime.  They were at a bar, they had been drinking and they kind of did an impulsive act.”

The charges against Adel have been dismissed altogether.

“He was charged as being the lookout when the evidence showed that wasn’t the case,” the spokesperson said.  “He was, in fact, discouraging them.”

No court date has been set for Murphy and Larson to enter pleas.  Larson’s plea could have an impact on a deal he cut with prosecutors in his home state of South Dakota prior to his arrival in Gainesville.

Both Murphy and Larson are currently suspended from the Gator team.  Ditto Adel.

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