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UK-Morehead State updates

Content provided by John Clay’s Sidelines.

If you are not interested in the liveblog, you can find UK-Morehead State women’s basketball updates here. Tipoff is scheduled for 11 a.m.

Kentucky 27, Morehead 20 at the half

  • UK was 10-of-28 for 35.7 percent in first half. Morehead is seven of 29 from the floor for 24.1 percent.
  • Mathies and now-injured Snowden lead the Cats with six points each.
  • Bozeman leads Morehead with 9.
  • Morehead outrebounded the Cats 25-18.
  • Harris of Morehead leads all players with eight rebounds.
  • The Lady Eagles had 16 turnovers in the first half. Kentucky had nine.

Kentucky 20, Morehead 17 at 3:42 mark of first half.

  • Bad news is apparent right knee injury to Keyla Snowden. She has been taken to locker room.
  • Kentucky is now 7-of-21 from floor for 33.3 percent. Morehead is at 23.1 percent, hitting six of 26.
  • Snowden was still UK’s leading scorer with six points when she exited.
  • Morehead is outrebounding the Cats 22-15. That’s not going to make Matthew Mitchell very happy.

Kentucky 13, Morehead 12 at 7:38 mark of first half.

  • Kentucky is 5 of 17 from floor. Morehead is 4 of 19.
  • Snowden has hit a pair of threes and leads UK with six points.
  • Dixon leads Morehead with 7.
  • Morehead has committed nine turnovers.

Kentucky 8, Morehead 6 at 11:39 of first half

  • Morehead has made two of 15 shots. Kentucky is three of 11.
  • Cyrstal Riley still leads Kentucky with three points.
  • Morehead has already committed five turnovers.
  • Conkright, Evans and Henderson were UK’s first subs off the bench.

Kentucky 4, Morehead 3 at 15:41 in first half

  • Cats have made just one of five shots, but Morehead is one of nine.
  • Story early is hideous blue-and-diamond suit worn by Morehead State coach.
  • Snowden leads UK with 3 points.


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