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Texas A&M 71 – Ole Miss 60

Video highlights of the Texas A&M 71-60 win over Ole Miss Saturday in College Station.

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Texas A&M 68 – Tennessee 65 (OT)

Video highlights of the Texas A&M 68-65 win over Tennessee in overtime Saturday in College Station.

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Worker Falls To Death At Texas A&M Stadium Project

kyle field overheadTwenty-five-year-old Angel Garcia fell four stories to his death yesterday at Kyle Field in College Station.  OSHA has already opened an investigation into the man’s death.  An employee of a Dallas-based demolition company, Garcia was working in the Northeast corner of Kyle Field when he fell.

Texas A&M is spending $450 million on a renovation project at its long-time home.  The construction was to be complete in time for the 2015 football season.  There is no word on how Garcia’s death might impact the project or A&M’s timeline.

Sad story.

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Johnny Manziel: “Not The End Of Our Season”

Johnny Manziel meets the media following Alabama’s 49-42 victory over Texas A&M Saturday in College Station. He says this is “not the end of our season” and calls Mike Evans “the best receiver in college football.”

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Alabama 49 – Texas A&M 42 (Video Highlights)

Video highlights from the Alabama 49-42 victory over Texas A&M Saturday, September 14, 2013 in College Station.

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The Power Shift In Texas Continues At BreakNeck Speed

Desert SkullOn Saturday, the eyes of the college football world will turn to Kyle Field and College Station.  ESPN’s “College GameDay” crew will be on hand for pre- and postgame coverage of #1 Alabama’s visit to #6 Texas A&M.  It’ll be America’s best coach (Nick Saban) against college football’s best and most controversial player (Johnny Manziel).  A Dynasty versus a Heisman-winner.

Meanwhile, Texas will be breaking in just-promoted defensive coordinator Greg Robinson as the Longhorns attempt to lick their wounds following a 40-21 loss to BYU in which they gave up 550 yards rushing to the unranked Cougars.  Giving up 679 yards overall cost Manny Diaz his job as he was reassigned on Sunday.

Could Texas A&M’s move to the Southeastern Conference have gone any more smoothly?

When the Aggies and the SEC ambled up to the altar together, we wrote — heck, we wrote it long before — that the school and the conference would be a perfect match for one another; each providing what the other desires.  The SEC would help A&M to climb out of Texas’ long shadow in the Lone Star State.  The school’s new league would also provide a massive chunk of cash to help get the Ags out of the red and into the stadium-upgrade club.  Meanwhile, A&M would provide the SEC a recruiting foothold in Texas as well as several million cable households, enough to launch its own ambitious plan for a profitable-at-start-up television channel.

But who would’ve thought the power shift Deep-In-The-Hearta would’ve been so sudden and so obvious?

While many A&M fans defend him and many fans from across the country loathe him, Manziel has been the accelerant no one saw coming.  His dynamic play — coupled with the flashy offense of second-year coach Kevin Sumlin — catapulted the Aggies to an 11-win season and into the national top 10 last season.  Now he’s got the 12th Man geared up for a showcase battle on Saturday.

If everything’s great in College Station, it’s worst of everything in Austin.  Longhorn coach Mack Brown’s precipitous decline has seen him go from hero to hot seat in less than a decade.

In 2005, Texas won the national championship with a perfect 13-0 record and a superstar quarterback of its own in Vince Young.  As recently as 2009, the Horns played in the BCS national title game (eventually falling to Alabama of the SEC).  Since then, it’s been a downhill slide.  A seven-loss season in 2010.  Nine losses in 2011 and 2012 combined (which isn’t good enough for a program that had been so close to the mountain top just a few years prior).

Now Texas sits at 1-1.  After a horrific performance from his troops last season, D-coordinator Diaz (hired from Mississippi State of the SEC) has been 86′d.  Now his replacement will be charged with making enough improvements over the squad’s BYU performance to stave off an attack from 25th-ranked Ole Miss and its up-tempo offense.

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Switzer: “I Wanted To Jerk (Manziel’s) Facemask” For Acting So Arrogantly

gfx - they said itDon’t count ex-Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer among the members of the Johnny Manziel fan club.  The man who won national titles in college and a Super Bowl in the pros told ESPN Radio yesterday that he was ticked off by Manziel’s money and autograph gestures last Saturday:


“I’m certainly disappointed in his actions…  For him to act so arrogant, I wanted to jerk his facemask and I wanted to grab him.  Of course, you get fired for that now; in the old days you could get away with that.  It’s the world we live in.  It’s a misplaced value system.  When I see this happen I wonder where the core value system comes from, if he has a core value system.  This young man needs a damn hell of a lot of development.”


While the majority of people outside of College Station — and some in College Station — share the coach’s view, Switzer might not be the best person to talk about “where the core value system comes from.”  If Brian Bosworth was telling the truth in his 1988 book on Sooner football — and ironically that’s a guy who, like Manziel, became as well known for his persona as his game — Switzer presided over one of the most renegade programs in college football history.  At the time, Switzer denied some of the accusations.

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A&M And LSU To Meet On Thanksgiving In 2014

turkey-cookedThe SEC’s 2014 football schedule is expected to be released today and it appears one big rumor is finally on the verge of becoming a reality.  According to The Baton Rouge Advocate’s sources, LSU will visit Texas A&M on Thanksgiving in 2014.  In other words, A&M is finally replacing Arkansas at the back end of LSU’s football schedule.  The next assumption: Arkansas will now end its season against Missouri each year.

Don’t count on the Texas A&M/LSU game to become an annual Turkey Day event, however.  When the game is in College Station, it appears the Aggies will host it on Thanksgiving.  But when the game is hosted by LSU, the Tigers will do so on the Friday after Thanksgiving… just as they’ve done with Arkansas on many occasions.



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So Now We’re Tracking Manziel’s Parents’ Realty Moves? Really?

House_for_saleAnyone with a cerebral cortex and a medulla oblongata knows that Johnny Manziel — if cleared by the NCAA in the coming days — will play one more year at Texas A&M and then hit the bricks for the NFL.  Only the dreamiest dreamers in Aggie Nation could believe otherwise.

First, the kid can go pro and make millions.  He doesn’t need millions, but according to multiple sources and numerous reports he and his oil-rich family aren’t happy that they can’t cash in on Johnny Football Fever while everyone else can.  They want their cut.

Second, Manziel tweeted — yeah, yeah, he was just frustrated — that he can’t wait to leave College Station.  A momentary lapse of not, it doesn’t suggest A&M’s Heisman-winner wants to return for another season, much less two.

Third, his parents tossed a few barbs at Texas A&M in the recent ESPN The Magazine piece from Wright Thompson.  If you read that story and still think the relationship between the school and the Manziels is a healthy one, you’re probably decked out from head to toe in maroon at this very minute.

Fourth, with all the scrutiny Manziel and his family have had to deal with this offseason, wouldn’t you leave?  Hey, he helped create the fishbowl he’s now unhappy with, but if you’re gonna have people watching you 24/7 like some freak in a “Big Brother” house, you might as well get paid for the aggravation.

Which brings us to another house.  The one in College Station that the Manziel family has been trying to sell since April.  For some reason today – four months after it went on the marketthe listing has become a national story.

That’s partly because the story involves Manziel and partly because we’ve reached a point in our society where everything is news.  Which in turn means that nothing is news.  It’s all just noise.

“Hey, the Royal Couple named their kid George!”  “Hey, Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis are mad at each other!”  “Hey, there’s a chance of a terror attack so the US government is shutting down a number of embassies!”  “Hey, Justin Bieber is wearing a yellow hat today!”

Actual news, factual news, real news, important news gets mixed in with so much fluff and pablum that it just becomes another information blip passing before our eyes and in and out of our consciousness in a nanosecond.  We no longer care if something is news, we just want “stuff” to look at and react to.  The Manziel’s selling a house apparently qualifies as stuff.  (I could paraphrase an old George Carlin routine in order to more accurately describe this “stuff,” but I’ll pass as this is a family site.)

So a quarterback who no one really expects to play at A&M in 2014 has parents who put a College Station house on the market four months ago and we’re supposed to gasp, gawk and jump to conclusions.  Well, the conclusions we’re supposed to jump to now were actually jumped to a long time ago.  Which means the fact that the Manziels put a house on the market a third-of-a-year ago is somewhat useless information.

Which is pretty much all we care about anymore.  Just flash something — anything! — in front of our glazed eyes and empty heads and we can all tweet about it.

Hey, they’re planning a Sharknado 2!


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Texas A&M To Attend Funeral For Teammate On Saturday

Polo ManukainiuThe Texas A&M football team will attend the funeral of defensive lineman Polo Manukainiu on Saturday.  The redshirt freshman was killed in a car accident on July 29th in New Mexico.

“This is going to be a struggle,” defensive coordinator Mark Snyder said.  “I know how tight-knit the family is and what a great kid he was.”

The Aggie team will bus nearly 200 miles from College Station to Colleyville for the services.

Our condolences to the Manukainiu family and the Texas A&M program.

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