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SEC Headlines 9/23/2012

1. Arkansas wastes record-setting night by wide receiver Cobi Hamilton in loss to Rutgers.  ”This team is such disarray it managed to squander the greatest receiving performance in the history of Arkansas and the SEC.”

2. Auburn student assistant died before last night’s game against LSU.  No details provided in the death of 23-year old Joe Bagwell.

3. Jeff Duncan on LSU: “They remained unbeaten. But they are no longer unchallenged. And more important, whatever air of invincibility they possessed is now gone.

4. Ole Miss will be the last SEC team to open its conference play next week.  It will do so at Alabama – where it has lost 10 straight at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

5. Mississippi State  quarterback Tyler Russell tied the school record tied the school record for pass attempts without an interception – then threw a pick on his very next pass.

6. Is there a quarterback controversy at Mizzou? Gary Pinkel:  “James Franklin’s our starter.”

7. Georgia’s freshmen running back duo continues to impress – they combine to go over 200 yards for a second straight week.

8. Mark Bradley on Vanderbilt’s coach: Franklin’s message to the world: “We’re nobody’s punching bag anymore.” New message: “Would somebody please ask that team in red to stop hitting us so hard?”

9. Tennessee basketball recruit on Twitter: “Dooley is gettin’ fired”

10. Just how bad is it right now for B1G Ten football?

11. College football-related concussions have remained steady for the past eight years.

12. Former Kentucky football player wanted to experience Big Blue Madness.  ”I wanted to be a part of it for once. Test it out.”

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No Miracle Required / Notes from the North Endzone – LSU Edition

Content provided by Razorback Expats.

Miracle on Markham One will always have the names Matt Jones and Decori Birmingham associated with them. Miracle on Markham Two will always be associated with the names Casey Dick and London Crawford. Instead of a last second hope and prayer play like in wins past, this year’s team made big plays throughout the game. But I would say two names still should forever be associated with this year’s win, Cobi Hamilton for his two amazing touchdowns and his securing of the on-side kick and then Knile Davis for his 152 yards rushing, the first score of the game, and the grinding out of time eating yards in the fourth quarter. With that said, it was still very much a complete team effort, including some 50,000 plus loud and screaming Razorback fans. I am happy to say that I was one of them. Here’s what I saw, heard, and thought during last night’s 31-23 victory over LSU.

* Waking up yesterday morning had something of the feeling of Christmas just two days after Thanksgiving. It didn’t matter that Desmond Howard had chosen to play the Grinch and proclaim on Gameday that the Hogs would lose to LSU. It didn’t matter that ESPN kept running on the scroll that Ryan Mallett had twenty-two incompletions against LSU last year. Such Debbie Downers! haha. What mattered was that it was a beautiful blue-bird day in Arkansas and that I had a coveted ticket to the game.

* Or I thought I did. FYI: If you should mistakenly use one of your two LSU tickets at the ULM game earlier in the season, haha, well, you will need to go to the “Will Call” area by Gate Seven where they’ll ask to see your driver’s license and issue you something that looks like a note from the principals office to get in. We first tried to walk up there and see if the ticket ripper wouldn’t notice. They didn’t notice it during the ULM game! But he had a sharper eye. The take away message, do be careful fellow season ticket holders about which tickets you bring to the game.

* The sights and sounds of the tailgating around War Memorial are always great to behold. LSU fans were dotted amongst the red and white outposts of Hog Nation, but it was clearly an Arkansas gathering of the faithful. In that tent city, those who wore purple and gold were the only sinners. Yet, it was an atmosphere of good natureness from what I could tell. You would see groups of friends, some LSU fans, some Arkansas. Then there mixed dating couples, the woman in Arkansas red and white, her boyfriend or husband in Hog gear.

* My favorite sartorial sighting of the day was a t-shirt that read “The Good (picture of a Hog), the Bad (Alabama A), and the Ugly (picture of the LSU Tiger). Haha. Santa, get me one of those for Christmas!

* The Good Hog, Tusk, was back in Little Rock, but carrying many more pounds of bacon in his skeleton than what he was carrying a few months ago at the ULM game. Like our team, Tusk has done some growing up as well this season.

* Ramon Broadway and Little Rock’s native son, D.J. Williams, were both on the cover of the program. And I am sure Nike is pleased that they are both wearing this year’s uniform and not the Addias wear that was on the first  Little Rock program of the season.

* I thought it rather apropos that a member of one of our early SEC teams, Isaac Davis (1990-93), should be named honorary captain to what was one of the Hogs’ most significant SEC wins since joining the conference.

* I am not up all that knowledgeable on current country music recording artists, but the guy who sang the national anthem sounded a lot like the twang of a country star I used to follow, Randy Travis.  

* The banners were confined to just regular old advertizing this go around. No politicians. No fire the coach. And there is no truth to the rumor that a bunch of LSU fans flew a banner after darkness had fallen that had anything to do with Les Miles’ tenure at LSU. haha.  

* Aesthetically Speaking: Painting is pretty much my chief hobby these days. And I think my fellow painters in the crowd were probably also just blown over by the pure colors on display. The intense green of the field. The horizon to horizon pure blue of the sky. The sun shining on our red uniforms, helmets in particular. I have to admit the purple and gold looked wonderful in the sun as well. I think Van Gogh would have loved to have set up his easel in the press box. The purple and gold really would have appealed to him. As great as your television reception is, nothing can really replace the world is aglow feeling that you get from being at War Memorial on a sunny fall afternoon.

* Cliff Lee and his family led a Hog Call early in the game. I don’t think they mentioned on the CBS broadcast that Cliff has generously given a million dollars to Arkansas Childrens Hospital where his son was treated for cancer. They didn’t mention it at the game either. But I had read of his generousity in the paper.

* And I would say nothing can really replace the collective joy of being surrounded by 50,000 plus people celebrating a touchdown with you. It truly is electrifying. Knile Davis’ first touchdown was at our end of the field and we in the North Endzone started the explosion of joy that went around the stadium, only interrupted by areas of purple and gold.

* I recalled the big day Cobi Hamilton had last year against MSU at War Memorial. I had a pre-game thought of maybe he’ll repeat himself. haha. And did he ever! Putting it in baseball terms seems appropiate, actually, in describing the day. It was a day when we hit home runs more than doubles and triples. But then in the fourth quarter we did steadily round the bases in a drive that took just over six very valuable minutes off the clock in the fourth quarter.

* Trends: The Hogs have a negative trend over the last two games of turning the ball right back over after getting it ourselves from a turnover. A significant trend was broken in that there were no false starts and the penalties (just two for 17 yards) were the fewest this team has made all year. The trend of beating schools that previously beat Alabama continues (South Carolina, LSU). And finally, the trend of not losing to anybody outside of the state of Alabama continues as well.

* Some we still got to work on this numbers: The Hogs kickoff coverage gave LSU 187 yards on five kickoffs. The Hogs gained only 80 yards in six kickoffs. Towards the end of the game I wasn’t the only one in the North Endzone who was advocating for just kicking it out of pounds and letting LSU start on the forty yard line. I give credit to Tejada for forcing Patrick Trindon Holliday Peterson out of bounds when needed. But why was he even kicking to him in the first place?

* I mentioned in a previous comment that I would love to see a repeat of the 1998 LSU game in Little Rock when the Hogs just had the game won going away early. The beatdown on Markham. It wasn’t like that. But the Hogs did put up two pass plays of over 80 yards. And the last time that happened was with Stoerner and Lucas / Eubanks in the 1998 LSU game.

* I will admit that I was thinking the Hogs would just take a knee and go into the half 14-14. Oh, how happy I was not to have a headset in this game, haha. And if you are an LSU fan, you have to say to yourself ironically, “Les Miles left too much time on the clock!” haha.

* This was the 8th time the Hogs have racked up a ten win season. 1977 and 1964 are our lone two eleven win seasons. Might we add 2010 to that list? I think it is highly possible if the Hogs take where they are at now as a team to the bowl game.

* Credit to the defense for holding LSU to field goals and doing some bending, but not breaking out there. The offense seemed to sputter at times, but the defense played more consistently well throughout the game. This was an LSU offense that was trending upwards before this game, and the Hogs held them to 23 points, three of which were more the responsibility of the special teams unit (Breeding’s unforced error).

* This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about War Memorial’s inability to keep a scoreboard and a forty second clock running throughout a game. This isn’t very complicated technology people. High schools across the country manage this without as much trouble. At one time the scoreboard had the score at zero to zero in the fourth quarter. God Forbid!

* Fear of the Night: Somehow LSU might pull off its own miracle on Markham. But the sacking of Jefferson and the resulting turnover put all thought of that out of my head. And finally the Hogs were able to just line up in the victory formation and take a knee. Some around me were yelling for the Hogs to run it in. I wasn’t one of them. I would rather see us be good sports and not shoot a wounded Tiger when it isn’t necessary. Those shots usually find a way to bounce back and hit you latter on. Such is the karma of football.

* The only time I’ve referenced Def Leopard in a post: Yeah, the stadium was singing “Pour Sugar On Me” at the end of the game. The players were jumping up in the air and bouncing off one another. The golden boot, a good kind of heavy, was being carried around by the team. From the recording I watched after getting home, I thought I saw Bobby Petrino even kiss a baby! 

* We listened to the postgame on the radio as we drove through the darkened Arkansas landscape. It was nice to hear the intelligent post-game talk from Bobby Petrino and his coaches. No “I called that play, Brotha” business. Just strictly the business of talking about how the game transpired. Yeah, put me in the Bobby Petrino fan club along with Hog fans everywhere.

* BIG PICTURE THOUGHTS: And saw draws to a close the 2010 regular season (Tempus Fugit) and begins a week where we all hold our noses again and become Auburn fans in order to get that Sugar Bowl invite. It has been one amazing season, and it is one that I’ve enjoyed sharing with all of you here on this website, my old friends and expats in places as diverse as Wichita, Kansas, and West Monroe, Louisiana, and my family back in Arkansas, including my mother who is the quinessential Southern lady who loves her college football. Thanks for sharing the season with me. And now on to the bowl game and getting consecutive bowl wins for the first time in program history.

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Sweet as Sugar? Arkansas 31, LSU 23

Content provided by Razorback Expats.


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Danny Johnston – AP

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If, after the Alabama game, anyone predicted that the Hogs would cap a 6 game winning streak by knocking off LSU with a punishing, clock-eating ground attack, please raise your hand. No one? That’s what I thought.

In what is certainly the biggest win of the Bobby Petrino era, the Hogs showed they can do the fancy stuff on offense (Cobi Hamilton!!) and grind it out in physical SEC style. That final drive of nine straight smashmouth runs against the mighty LSU defense was a thing of wood-bringing beauty and should put to rest the myth that the Razorbacks are a finesse team.

The reward? Possibly a birth in our best postseason bowl in nearly a quarter century: Sugar Bowl officials confirmed after the game that, should Auburn defeat South Carolina in the SEC Championship game, Arkansas is headed to New Orleans. Today we are all Cam Newton fans, ladies and gentlemen.

We’ll have more coverage of today’s huge win soon enough, but for now raise your glass to the 2010 Arkansas Razorbacks and let loose with the greatest cheer in sports: WOOOOO PIG SOOIE! RAZORBACKS!!!

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#22 Bulldogs Prepare for #13 Arkansas; Cam Newton Saga Continues

Mississippi State
Content provided by All Things Maroon – A MSU and SEC blog.

rmallet1As Saturday’s match up between #13 Arkansas and #22 MSU approaches, I figured we’d take a midweek look at what’s being talked about in the 2 opposing camps. MSU’s Dan Mullen spoke about a variety of topics, and we also have some quotes from Arkansas’ Off. Coordinator Garrick McGee, and Bulldogs’ Def. Coordinator Manny Diaz. We will also look at the Hogs’ top players thus far. Saw where the ticket count is down under 600, so it’s gonna be a packed house for Senior Night at Davis Wade Stadium.

_____Dan Mullen Speaks_____

On Practice: “I think our last two games are 6:00 games so when you get to this time of year it’s actually good to get out here and make sure we’re practicing around our gametime, so our guys get used to playing…For us just a regular Tuesday, get back in our game routine. It was first down/play action mix, full pads, good hitting. We did some tackling but we didn’t change a routine that’s been very successful for us. So it was get out here, get after them, get back into that mindset of what we need to do to win. We got in a great routine in that winning streak, had a bunch of other things happen to get us out of that routine,” Mullen said. “Now we’re trying to get back on focus.”

On Relf: “Chris saw the chances. We went back and looked, he was 8-of-16 with four drops, two open receivers that he missed. So there were a lot of opportunities there, and for the receivers, everybody. We had a chance to watch it and see; in our winning games we were making those plays. If you don’t make them you’re not going to, against great teams.”

On Zach Smith (Injured): “He’s adamant that he is playing, to me…You can joke with him but he doesn’t even think it’s funny to joke with him. It was like ‘how come I’m not listed #1 on the punt team today?’” I said it’s because you’re not practicing. He said but I’m playing, so list me as #1.”- Gotta respect Zach Smith’s heart.

_____Hogs’ Off. Coordinator Garrick McGee_____

“Our kids are playing at a really high level right now,” Coach McGee said. “When we are set behind the chains, they’ve found ways to make plays and convert third downs. I know Ryan (Mallett) hit Cobi (Hamilton) on an in-cut on third-and-10 last week and it seemed really simple when he did it. We’ve just got to continue to play well on first down. Third downs become simple.” On State’s Defense: “Their defense is really complex. They would call it a multiple defense, I bet. They play three down. They play four down. They have four defensive linemen in the game in a three-down structure, with one of their defensive linemen standing up and floating around. They have a really interesting scheme that’s going to be a challenge for us.”

  • During Arkansas’ 4 game win streak, they are averaging 46.5 ppg, and have converted 54% of the time on 3rd Downs during that stretch. SCARY.

_____Mann Diaz on Stopping the Hog Offense_____

“One of the things in the Alabama game is it ruined another red zone performance. We’re usually pretty hard to score on in the red zone, and when Alabama got in our red zone, they had a hard time scoring touchdowns on us. With a guy like Mallett, who is going to complete some passes, and they’re going to get some yards, if we will just understand, if we will tackle the catch, at a minimum if we’ll tackle the catch, sooner or later they’re going to wind up in our red zone, and the field gets constricted, and the offense is limited in terms of what they can do where you think you’ve got a chance.”-What Manny Diaz described, would be a nice alternative compared to Carl Torbush’s schemes last season. The Dawgs allowed Mallet to connect on long TD passes of 39, 58, and 64 yards. As much of a cushion as State has been playing in the past couple of weeks, Diaz should be able to take away the homerun ball, and present the Dawg D with opportunities to make plays against the underneath to mid-range passing game. This year’s Hog team will be even tougher than last year’s, thanks to the emergence of RB Kniles Davis. The Sophomore is approaching the 1,000 yard mark on the season.

Hog Playmakers in 2010

  • QB Ryan Mallet: 2,967 yds, 67%, 24 TDs, 8 INTs
  • RB Kniles Davis: 844 yds, 7.2ypc, 10 TDs
  • RB Broderick Green: 333 yds, 3.5 yds per carry, 3 TDs
  • WR Greg Childs: (out for yr) 659 yds, 14.3 yds per reception, 6 TDs
  • WR Joe Adams: 588 yds, 17.3 ypr, 4 TDs
  • WR Jarius Wright: 545 yds, 17 ypr, 3 TDs
  • TE DJ Williams: 491 yds, 11 ypr, 3 TDs
  • WR Cobi Hamilton: 391 yds, 15.6 ypr, 4 TDs
  • RB Ryan Wingo: 274 yds, 10 ypr, 4 TDs
  • Arkansas is 2nd in the SEC in Total Off. and Mallet is 15th nationally. Arkansas is 5th in Total Def. (More on stats tomorrow).

____Cam Newton Saga_____

Well guys, after an Auburn win, and 3 hours of Cam Newton worship from CBS’s Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson, all seemed somewhat ‘sunny’ again in Auburn, Alabama. The Friday before the UGA game, there were some reports that Cam Newton’s father, Cecil Newton, allegedly admitted to shopping his son to MSU. Reports say that Cam and Newton’s wife, were unaware of the bribe. Those reports seemed to have hushed, but the saga is heating up now more than ever. On Tuesday, the FBI interviewed former MSU QB John Bond, who was the first to provide information about the Newton case. Bond’s inside information, which sent shock waves through the College Football world, included Ken Rogers. Rogers, like Bond, is a former MSU player, and in all this has been identified as Newton’s representative or ‘handler’ during Newton’s recruitment and signing with Auburn. According to ESPN-Dallas radio, Rogers was interviewed by NCAA investigators on Tuesday, after he called out Cecil Newton last week, confirming that the father did in fact solicit monetary payments from MSU, in order to earn his son’s commitment. The NCAA investigative crew, also met with former MSU Football Operations Director Jody Wright. Wright is now a G.A. at Alabama. Hopefully we will find out something soon. ESPN’s Mark Schlabach, said that the FBI’s involvement will be to investigate the money trail, and to see if one exists.

Arkansas writer Chris Bahn, writes that Arkansas’ attendance numbers have dropped as their ranking has increased. Btw, the Hogs are done in Fayetteville for the season, as Little Rock awaits LSU next week. Redneck Mardi Gras!!! Ugh… Link

The SEC’s dirtiest player, Auburn’s Nick Fairley, will not be suspended or punished for his continual and violent LATE hits on opposing QBs. So, just how WORTHY was MSU’s Chris Hugh’s hit on the UAB player? Remember, the one that we never even saw a replay of, or know happened? Btw, is Fairley’s actions and the Cam Newton issue, just a few of the eye-opening aspects of Auburn’s lack of institutional control? Link

Anybody see Bama backup QB AJ McCarron get spanked by Saban? Link

Story on the Hogs’ DJ Williams. The kid has overcome a lot. Link

That’s all for today guys!

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A Report From the Sidelines: Arkansas vs South Carolina

Content provided by Razorback Expats.

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to share this eyewitness report from HoginAiken, who attended Saturday’s glorious game in person. He has many great observations to share…big thanks to him for taking the time to write this up. Enjoy!

Full disclosure:

I’m a Uof A graduate who lives in SC and works for the University. I have taken advantage of my employee perks and have held season tickets for 6 of the past 8 years, mainly sitting with my cousin and extended family members. I miss seeing the Hogs when playing on TV, but I’d prefer a live SEC game to a TV game any day. South Carolina has earned a place in my heart and I root for them in all but one game a year. Every other year, the congenial fans in my section tolerate my Arkansas fandom and kindly call me a “turncoat”. But I cheer enthusiastically and fanatically for my Razorbacks. Following the gamecocks has led to a true appreciation for a passionate and beleaguered fan base. Imagine that, by the end of his tenure at Arkansas, Houston (spit) Nutt had earned more Bowl victories for Arkansas than South Carolina had achieved in their ENTIRE history. And yet, up until this year, 80,000+ showed up for every home game.

It was cold – at least for SC.

In Fayetteville you get used to chilly evening games but not in Columbia, SC. I know the fans were unprepared and uncomfortable in the cold. Their fans, in a combination of discomfort and frustration, were streaming out after the dueling interceptions and resulting Arkansas touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

Arkansas Fans

Hog fans were there but in much fewer numbers than other visiting SEC teams. This makes sense. The distance is just too far for most Razorback fans to travel. I made the trip from South Carolina to Fayetteville to witness DMac’s supercrushing of Carolina back in, what was it, 2007? My family members and I who made the trip will never take another road trip together again after driving 14 hours from Fayetteville to SC on the Sunday after. It plain sucked. This is too bad because I think the rivalry would be much improved if the teams could figure out a way to travel to each other’s stadiums in a timely and affordable fashion.

The Hog fans present were wonderful and, outside of one truly jeering and rude fellow, were passionate yet neighborly. Believe me when I say that I have witnessed the behavior of many visiting SEC fanbases to Williams Brice when the visitor blew out the ‘Cocks. The big three of the east (Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida) were horrid but were exceeded only by LSU’s nut-bar crazies in rude and vile taunting behavior. Alabama’s fans, which showed up in great number this year, were either gracious from habit or humbled by defeat. It was the South Carolina fans, by the way, that shook their hands on the way out and wished the ‘Bama fans success – and hoped for a rematch in Atlanta.

It was a Fumble. Period. End of Discussion.

Davis versus Lattimore

I’ve spent this season awed by the downhill and bruising running quality of Marcus Lattimore. He runs down the middle, gets hit after a short gain, and then drives the pile for an extra 3 yards. It is awesome. Well, Arkansas’ defense shut him down prior to his injury (and USC really didn’t utilize him afterward)and I was seriously impressed by that. But I was even more impressed by Knile Davis and his speed. He has a true breakaway burst when running to the outside or once he clears the line, and he was running away from a very speedy USC secondary last night. Is he DMac fast? No. But he is close. This speed was not evident to me when I saw him on TV the last few weeks, but I was seriously impressed by him last night.

Alshon Jeffery versus Cobi Hamilton and DJ Williams

Alshon Jeffery’s one-handed grab happened right in front of my and the Arkansas fans sections. It was utterly beautiful. I heard an Arkansas fan, after he made the catch, utter a massive “Oh-OH How the hell do you defend against THAT?”. But it was Cobi Hamilton and DJ Williams who quietly outperformed the SC star receiver last night. Hamilton won with speed against a depleted secondary – How awesome was it to see that 1st quarter completion after USC utterly failed on their 1st long bomb on blown coverage? But – and I don’t know how well this came across on TV- DJ tore up their line backing corps on the short middle routes. ESPN is reporting that he had 5 receptions for 67 yards. Especially in the 1st half, it seemed like more. DJ deserves a lot of credit for Cobi’s and for Knile’s successes last night because every time they succeeded, there was DJ attracting a whole lot of attention. He got 11 – 15 yards every time they ignored him.

Defensive line credit: both against the run and against the pass + Garcia keepers

I’ve already mentioned how well the d-line blocked up the middle when USC ran the ball, but the defensive ends were fast and brutal from the outside on the passing plays. That South Carlina O-Line was getting run over and beat up every play. It didn’t show in sacks and interceptions as much as I noticed that, when pressured, Steven Garcia threw short a lot. And he threw short when he was feeling the pressure of the pocket collapsing on both side of him. Likewise, our D got burned in the 1st quarter by a Garcia option keeper for 20 or so yards. They tried it again late in the 1st half and the D had already adjusted, stopping him for little gain. Serious credit to the D-Line for keeping the USC passing game from getting into rhythm.

Jerico Nelson hit on Connor Shaw

I didn’t have a good view of Jerico Nelson’s hit on USC backup QB Connor Shaw. The USC fans, in a mood to complain about something vocally, were incensed. I understand that the hit was late but that the injury to his ribs was likely due to the fact that Shaw stood up at the end up the play and was unprepared for the contact. Here is what I did see. After the personal foul call, Nelson came to the Arkansas sideline and a very fired up Bobby Petrino pounded him on the helmet and shoulder pads and celebrated the violent hit with Nelson. I doubt that Petrino realized that the hit caused an injury or could see that the hit happened out of bounds. I understand that coaches and players alike must be passionate and intense as the game is played. But the celebration of a called personal foul on a particularly violent hit by a head coach struck me as classless. This is the first time I’ve see Bobby live on a sideline and I’m usually fine with his intensity. But I was embarrassed to be an Arkansas fan at that moment.

Halftime explosives

This comes at the expense of an Arkansas player, and for that I apologize, but the moment was priceless. The homecoming halftime show went way long for USC. This was mainly due to the presentation of National Championship rings to their Baseball team. (A USC fan, already pessimistic on the gamecocks, commented that we were already hearing the loudest cheers of the second half!) So, with the band, and baseball team still on the field, the Razorbacks came out from under the stadium and headed toward their sideline. I looked at the clock and there were less than 3 minutes left in the halftime period. The Hogs players stayed in the north endzone and off the field as they made their way toward their sideline. I don’t know if they knew the circumstances, but they were being very respectful. As they approached midfield of their own sideline, men in blue jackets started standing in the players’ way and telling them to stop. I was incredulous too. I mean, ok, let the halftime go long, but you can’t hold the visiting teams’ players from the center of their very own sideline right?

So a player or two started going around the blue-jacketed rude guys. What the Razorback players and I didn’t know was that, at that very moment, the USC band was finishing their fight song in celebration of a National Championship. The coup de grace of the song? Massive fireworks mortars launched from a small platform located in the middle of the Razorback sideline. Those suckers went off just as the Arkansas players were rounding those blue-jacketed guys who, it turns out, were trying to keep the Arkansas player safe. I was 34 rows up in the stands and was taken aback by the scale of the fireworks. There were Arkansas players who not only stopped in their tracks, but were hitting the ground in total fear. I didn’t catch their numbers, but I’m guessing that they needed to change their underwear after the incident. 20 feet closer and the story could have been tragic, but it wasn’t, and therefore funny as hell!


Too many. Too frustrating. Too blatant. Took a lot of fun out of the second half(6 or 7 at least – two for 15 yards).

Empty seats

More than once my South Carolina section-mates stated, in disgust. “Who here is really surprised? It’s South Carolina. It’s November. Any questions?” – or similar comments. I saw this in a comment thread here as well. It’s no wonder they are frustrated.

Elsewhere in a thread I saw a comment that the USC stadium was surprisingly empty and that they wondered if the ticket license was at fault. I can confirm that USC sold something like 10,000 less season tickets this year. Likewise Clemson (spit) had the same trouble. I know that I discontinued my season tickets last year when they we going to charge me an extra $290 a year for my pair of tickets. I can also tell you that USC athletics truly does not care. They brought in many millions more dollars than ever and are willing to pay the price of distancing themselves from loyal fans (Especially the ones who bought the lower priced upper deck seats, you know – blue collar everyday working folks who can no longer afford the prices.).  Contributing to the loss in sales is the ESPN TV package, which pretty much guarantees that fans can pay much less for a cable/satellite package and see ALL of the SEC games from the comfort of their couches. My Cousin, who had blue lips by the middle of the 3rd quarter said so himself.

Thanks again to HoginAiken for the report.

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Adams Back at Tuesday’s Practice

Content provided by The Slophouse.

Arkansas receiver Joe Adams returned to practice Tuesday after missing the Razorbacks’ game against Vanderbilt with an ankle injury.

The junior said his injured ankle is “about 80 percent” but should be full-speed by the weekend. The No. 18 Razorbacks visit No. 19 South Carolina on Saturday.

“I thought he did all right,” Arkansas offensive coordinator Garrick McGee said. “We’ve got to continue to evaluate him throughout the week and see how it goes. I think he kind of feels the urgency that he needs to get out there. But we’ve got to continue to evaluate him.”

Adams has 30 catches, 544 yards and 4 touchdowns this season – all second among Arkansas receivers behind Greg Childs, who will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

“I wasn’t able to do the punt return duties, but got into some of the other stuff,” said Adams, who was named SEC Special Teams Player of the Week prior to the injury. “I’m getting better.”

McGee said he expects younger receivers such as Cobi Hamilton and Julian Horton will step up in Childs’ absence. Horton had a 52-yard reception against Vanderbilt in place of the injured Adams.

“We recruited well at the position,” McGee said. “We’ve got a lot of good players; a lot of fast kids. They’ve been training hard all season. They looked good. We looked as good as we could.”

Horton, a freshman, said his confidence is high following Saturday’s game.

“That was really big,” Horton said. “I’ve got to stay humble, though, and just keep working because I’m only a freshman and that’s just the beginning for me. It’s a big confidence boost because they’ll know my name around Arkansas, but I’ve got to keep working.

“I’m getting better every week in route-running. The first week of camp it wasn’t good, but as the season has gone along it has gotten better just understanding the whole scheme of things and the whole concept of the plays.”

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Suspended defensive tackle DeQuinta Jones was back at Arkansas practice Tuesday, nearly a week after being arrested for possession of marijuana. Jones was suspended for the Vanderbilt game and his status for this weekend is uncertain.

Freshman defensive tackle Byran Jones wasn’t at practice Tuesday as he continues to recover from an ankle injury suffered in the first quarter against the Commodores.

For more visit You can follow Matt Jones on Twitter @NWAMatt.

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