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Ohio State’s Meyer Sidesteps Discipline (Again) And BCS Voters Should Take Note

gfx - honest opinionI don’t dislike Urban Meyer as a person.  I don’t know Urban Meyer.  He may be the best family man in America.  He might be a super-duper fellow when it comes to charity, as well.  In fact, I don’t doubt that he is.  He’s probably a good neighbor, too.

I don’t dislike Urban Meyer because he won at Florida.  I don’t dislike Urban Meyer because he left Florida.  I have no dog in such SEC fights.

What I do dislike about Urban Meyer is his split personality.  On one hand, he speaks of discipline, of recruiting good young men to represent his school, of holding players to high standards in order to grow them as young men.

On the other hand, he’d drive the getaway car for some of his thugs, punks and miscreants if it meant keeping them eligible.

He’s the exact opposite of everything he says he claims he stands for.

SEC fans know what kind of a program Meyer ran at Florida.  It was highly successful for a very brief period — the Tim Tebow period — and then it crashed down upon itself.  Meyer quit, then didn’t quit, then quit again to be with his family, then caught the first plane to Columbus when Ohio State’s last coach brought that program down on his head.  Irony: OSU has hired a guy who lets his kids get away with murder — just kidding, Aaron Hernandez was only questioned in a Gainesville shooting — to replace a guy who lost his job and landed the Ohio State on probation for letting his players do anything they liked.


George Bush's "Fool Me Once" Gaffe


What he said.

Depending on whose count you believe, 30+ Florida players were arrested during Meyer’s six-year arc at Florida.  The New York Times reported that 41 of the 121 players on UF’s 2008 BCS championship squad were arrested at Florida, after leaving Florida, or both.  That’s quite a collection of well-disciplined young men.

There have arrests at Ohio State, too.  Yeah, I know, who didn’t see that one coming?  After all, Hernandez stuck on the Gator squad despite getting into a bar fight at 17 and then being drawn into a shooting investigation.

Chris Rainey was arrested for texting his girlfriend, “It’s Time to Die, Bitch.”  Did Meyer, the father of two girls, dismiss him from the team?  Of course not.  Rainey later went to the NFL where he was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers after a domestic violence arrest.

Janoris Jenkins was dismissed from Florida’s team when Will Muschamp took over.  A pair of arrests actually had consequences under UF’s current coach.  Jenkins — in a very damning remark — made it clear that such accountability wasn’t part of Meyer’s program (despite all of the coach’s talk).  “No doubt, if Coach Meyer were still coaching, I’d still be playing for the Gators,” Jenkins said.  “Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win.”

Indeed he does.  And he’s displaying that knowledge once again this week.

Meyer has decided not to suspend — surprise, surprise — two starters who were pitched from last weekend’s win over Michigan for fighting.  One of them left the field by throwing double birds at Wolverine fans.  Beats throwing punches, I guess.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes:


Michigan Ohio State fight results in three ejections


Hope you stuck around until the end of that clip.  Apparently that kind of behavior is what “Law & Order” Meyer views as the proper way to carry one’s self while on scholarship as a representative of THE Ohio State University.  His decision not to dole out suspensions to Marcus Hall and Dontre Wilson couldn’t have anything to do with the Buckeyes playing Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game with a BCS title shot on the line could it?

Now, because Meyer did a year at ESPN, many in the media look the other way when it comes to the stone cold, undeniable fact that the wins on his resume are matched only by the number of arrests, ejections, and suspensions that have occurred at his programs.

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Ex-Gator Jenkins Says Meyer Would’ve Kept Him

Urban Meyer received some, ahem, praise from a former player yesterday but it’s doubtful that it’s the kind of praise he’d want.  Ex-Gator defensive back Janoris Jankins — booted by Will Muschamp after a pair of back-to-back marijuana arrests — is starting over at North Alabama.  In his view, he wouldn’t be at North Alabama if Meyer were still running the Florida program:

“No doubt, if Coach Meyer were still coaching, I’d still be playing for the Gators.  Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win.”

Meaning weed?  Or meaning the ability to look the other way when a star player gets busted for weed?

Perhaps that’s why Meyer’s players rolled up some 30 arrests in Alachua County on his watch.  When there’s no fear of punishment, there’s no reason for one to stop “dabbling in the illicits” as a friend of mine used to say.

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UF’s Meyer Officially Joins ESPN

Former Florida coach Urban Meyer will be joining ESPN’s college football team as a regular analyst for the network.  He will work weekly regular-season games and provide studio analysis for “College Football Live” and “College GameDay” according to ESPN’s website.

And that’s great news for the Florida football program.

The idea of Meyer staying around campus, having an office, and dropping by practice sounded nice at Will Muschamp’s introductory presser, but no new coach wants the old coach hanging around and looking over his shoulder.  Players upset with Muschamp might try to drop by Meyer’s office for advice or a shoulder to cry on.  Not good.  Now that likely won’t be a problem.

“Coach Meyer brings a fresh voice and a contemporary knowledge of the game,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN’s executive VP for production.  “As he showed during BCS coverage, his ability to communicate the strategic aspects of the game and his incredible track record for success will serve college football fans everywhere.”

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