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Uh-Oh, LSU Officials Will Catch Hell Over This One

We’re not going to get too deep into this one.  We already talk sports around here and that means anything we write is going to viewed as “controversial” by someone out there.  So adding politics 0r religion to that mix?  Nope, no need to tackle that.

Instead, we’ll just send you over to Yahoo! Sports and their story of how a group of Christian Tiger fans who paint their bodies in school colors and also adorn their chests with crosses had said crosses photoshopped out in a photo sent out by the school in a campus-wide email.

No doubt the school was trying to be PC and would have also photoshooped out Stars of David or Muslim crescents painted on fans’ chests.  But Louisiana is in the Bible Belt, my friends.  And taking crosses out of that photo?  Well, I’m just glad I’m not having to man the phones in the LSU chancellor’s office today.

Here’s the story.

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