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UGA Gets Commings, Vasser Back… But Richt’s On The Injured List

After serving two-game suspensions, Georgia cornerback Sanders Commings and linebacker Chase Vasser are returning to the Bulldog team.  Both players were arrested during the offseason and received their suspensions as a result.  Now they are — in the words of Vasser — “free.”

According to The Macon Telegraph, Commings will likely step right back into the starting lineup, but Vasser’s suspension “might have cost him a starting spot at outside linebacker.”  (The suspension status of starting inside linebacker Alec Ogletree and starting safety Bacarri Rambo is still unknown, but it’s been reported both players will likely sit for two more games.)

Vasser was arrested for a DUI.  Commings was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, but his issues were later settled.  Richt still chose to suspend him for two games.  According to the coach:


“He needed to be disciplined for what he did.  It’s one thing to miss a game, and that hurts them. They don’t like it, but also part of the punishment is what you have to live with as a person because of all the attention that it gets.  You have to look your parents in the eye, you have to look your teammates and coaches in the eye, you have to go to class.  There is a lot of embarrassment to what happens when everything comes to light and is talked about over and over and over.

He certainly didn’t behave the way he should, and he’s paying his debt to society, he’s paying his debt to the program, in my opinion.  I’m glad he’s handled everything the way he’s handled it, and I think he’ll move forward and be a positive person and a positive teammate.”


Speaking of Richt, he’s on the DL with “an abrasion and slight contusion of the chin” which he received during a celebratory hug with Richard Samuel during last Saturday’s win over Missouri.  “I think my chin just rubbed back and forth on his shoulder pad and the meshing of his jersey and just wore a hole there.  But that was a lot of fun.”

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LB Washington Apolgizes To Dawg Teammates Over Arrest; Drew Let’s It Rip Regarding Playing Time

Fresh off a Sunday morning DUI arrest that will knock him out of back-to-back SEC games, Georgia linebacker Cornelius Washington (at left) apologized to his teammates prior to yesterday’s practice.

“He knows what he did,” said teammate Reuben Faloughi.  “It was a decision.  He feels it.  I don’t think anybody’s trying to point fingers at him because he knowns that he made a wrong decision.  The pressure’s there, so everybody’s just supporting him and making sure these tough times pass or him.  And I think he’s really gonna bounce back.”

UGA fans are now hoping to see five-star freshman Ray Drew step in for Washington.  So far he’s only played in two games, but he made it clear to the press yesterday that he’s been right on defensive coordinator Todd Grantham’s tail hoping to get into games.

“I’m right there behind him,” Drew said.  “If he were to (pass gas), I’d be the first one to smell it.”

Ah, but will Drew sniff the field Saturday against Tennessee… or will third-year sophomore Chase Vasser get the majority of the work?  Stay tuned.

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Energy Vampires Moving East From Auburn To Athens

Back in March we told you that Auburn’s Gene Chizik was no fan of people he termed “energy vampires.”  As he told at the time, Chizik wasn’t going to worry about people making allegations of wrongdoing regarding his football program.

“They’re going to say what they’re going to say and discuss what they’re going to discuss, and you have absolutely no control over that,” Chizik said.  “I call those energy vampires.  They’re not going to suck my energy out worrying about that.”

Now it seems that energy vampires have crossed the West Georgia border and have headed East toward Athens.  Or at least Chizik’s term has.

Georgia’s Mark Richt is using the “energy vampire” moniker as a means of keeping his players on a positive vibe.  “If you say something negative, if you’re not doing something positive when we’re doing activities as a team, you can be called an ‘energy vampire,” explains linebacker Chase Vasser.  “Anybody who hears you say something like, ‘I don’t want to be here,’ you can be turned into the coach and you’ll get your face on the board.”

Chip Towers of The AJC explains the rest:

“If a teammate (is) nominated by another player for the ‘energy vampire’ board and coach Mark Richt approves, he ends up with his picture plastered all over video boards in the weight room, usually Photoshopped to include fangs and other unflattering enhancements.”

Of his new motivational tactic, UGA’s coach just said, “We’re looking for guys who want to be positive.”

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