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Spurrier Vows To Help Out With Carolina’s Secondary

spurrier-baywatchSouth Carolina’s loss to Georgia in early-September created quite a bit of friction inside the Gamecocks’ program.  You might remember two coaches fighting on the sideline or Jadeveon Clowney questioning the way coaches were using him.  You might also recall Steve Spurrier saying that his coaches needed to be more creative with their defensive looks and vowing to give “Coach (Lorenzo) Ward some suggestions.”

Apparently none of those suggestions dealt with stopping big plays. Only one BCS team has allowed three pass plays of 70 or more yards on the season.  In fact, no other SEC defense has allowed three passing plays of 60 or more yards.

So Spurrier’s ready to step in with more advice:


“We’ve got some issues that we haven’t cleaned up yet, and we’re going to try to clean them up.  I’ll be helping out with the secondary.  Obviously, we haven’t gotten it corrected yet, but we’ll keep working on it.”


There’s certainly nothing wrong with a head coach doffing his CEO hat in order to take a hands-on approach with a specific unit on his team.  But to say suggest he’s coming to the rescue every time a particular problem comes up sorta/kinda hangs out to dry the coach charged with handling that group.

Of course, that in itself might be a Spurrier motivational tactic.


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Jones Intends To Be A Hands-On CEO With Vols

TENNESSEE MEDIA DAYSAsked if he would be an offensive coach or a defensive coach, Jones responded:


“I’m an offensive coach by nature, but I like to look at myself as a CEO.  I’m responsible for the vision, the direction of the entire football program…

I’m gonna be animated, I’m gonna be involved in practice.  I want our players to feed off our energy, off our passion…

So I’m hands-on, I’m involved, but I hired an offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator and they’ve got a job to do.”


Thankfully, he did not give a Barry Switzer-like “We’ve got a job to do and we gonna do it, baby!” yell.  (You can find that famous moment at about the :15 mark below.)


Barry Switzer Introduced as Dallas Cowboys Coach (ESPN)

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SEC Headlines 7/5/2013

headlines-friSEC Football

1. Question asked at Vanderbilt after four players have been dismissed from the team: “Is this what winning football includes?”

2. SEC shifting styles? “Blame it on Texas A&M, Missouri, Ole Miss, Auburn and Tennessee…”

3. ESPN’s Brock Huard on what one defensive coordinator told him about Johnny Manziel: “He thinks he has a bull’s eye on him this offseason. That target will get bigger through the season.”

4. What does South Carolina need from running back Mike Davis? “To be both durable and productive if the Gamecocks are to have a legitimate offense.”

5. Linebacker Avery Williamson will play a key role in Kentucky’s switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense.

6. One reason to worry about LSU? Tigers lost six players from their defensive line.

7. Tennessee with the best offensive line in the SEC?

SEC/College News

8. Missouri had an extra $1 million in unanticipated athletic department travel expenses in its first year in the SEC.

9. Bill Schmidt signed Michael Jordan to be the spokesman for Gatorade and was CEO of Oakley.  He also twice applied to be athletic director at Tennessee.

10. Nebraska developing a sideline concussion assessment tool.

11. How former Florida assistant coach Steve Addazio is changing the recruiting culture at Boston College.

SEC Basketball

12, The hype hasn’t waned at Tennessee for incoming freshman Robert Hubbs.

13. With all the talk about transfers in college basketball, here’s a stat for you.  Transfer rate among basketball players – 10% to 11%.  Transfer rate for all students – about 33%.


14. Even in July, sideline reporting can be hazardous duty.

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New UT A.D. Says SEC Will Expand Again

New-to-the-job Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart said the obvious today, but that’s still more than SEC commissioner Mike Slive might have preferred.  According to the AP, Hart said the SEC will expand again – no kidding — and that officials at each school need to have a number of frank discussions before moving forward.

Where he said that and who he said it isn’t covered in the three-paragraph blurb.

According to the writer, Hart said the acquisition of Texas A&M was a good one, “but the league’s leaders must take their next steps deliberately because the SEC will expand again.”  Those are the author’s words, not Hart’s.  He also said those talks will take place “in short order.”  (His words, not the authors.)

While everyone knows the league won’t sit at 13 for long, Slive and others associated with the SEC have been singing a “we’re happy at 13″ tune for the past week.  Hart has taken things a step further.

And the press being the press, his comments will make headlines across the country as though they’re shocking to the ear.  Hey, sadly, it’s what we do.

Hart came to Tennessee from Alabama earlier this month where he had been the CEO of Bama’s program.  He formerly served as the athletic director at Florida State.

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UGA-Boise State Set For 8pm Kickoff On ESPN

The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game between Georgia and Boise State is set to kick off at 8pm ET on Saturday, September 3rd, game officials announced today.  ESPN will carry the game live.

“With Boise State coming in as the winningest team in the nation over the last 10 years and Georgia delivering one of the strongest recruiting classes in the country, this really is a compelling match-up,” said Gary Stokan, the Chick-fil-A Bowl president and CEO.

The first three Chick-fil-A Kickoff Games were carried by ABC.  The game, as usual, will be held at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.

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Overreaction To Choke Sign More Stupid Than Actual Choke Sign

New defensive coordinator Todd Grantham didn’t do Mark Richt any favors when he chose to give Florida kicker Chas Henry the choke sign on Saturday.

Richt is already on the hot seat and those who are frustrated by Georgia’s losses are now using anything they can against the man they blame.  Off-field arrests — Richt’s fault.  A coordinator who acts immaturely — Richt’s fault.

Richt is the CEO of Georgia football so the buck will indeed stop with him.  Fine.  But aren’t we going just a tad over the line on the Grantham thing?

The coach gave a choke sign to a player.  It was juvenile.  It was a bad example to set.

But it was most certainly not Woody Hayes clocking a kid on the sideline.

The word “overreactors” should be sewn onto our national flag.  It should be written on the bottom of our coinage.  And 90% of the overreactors out there are driven by talk radio hosts looking for ratings and bloggers who know they’ll get more eyeballs by feigning outrage.  At anything.  At any time.

The media stirs things up and a good chunk of media members don’t care whether their stirring is fair or not.  Ugh.

Listening to and reading some of the responses to Grantham’s choke sign, I’ve come to the conclusion that either Grantham, Richt or both should be fired for the heinous act that was perpetrated against Florida’s poor kicker on Saturday.  Double-ugh.

Grantham will have the choke sign pop up whenever he attempts to land a head coaching job.  Richt has had another log thrown on to the fire beneath his seat.  Trust me, the punishments have already been handed out.

So can we all please move on?  Grantham is a football coach, not a UN ambassador.  The guy’s whole life revolves around teaching one group of young men how to hit another group of young men.  We aren’t talking about brain surgery here.  So when Desmond Tutu gives someone the choke sign, alert me.  Then I’ll be shocked.

But a football coach?  Sorry.  Grantham acted stupidly.  That doesn’t mean the rest of us have to stupidly overreact.

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