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The SEC’s Best Football Programs Part 3: Campus Life

mrsec stat analysis newThis week, is attempting to rank the SEC’s football programs from #1 all the way down to #14.  For an overview of the series, you can click right here.  You will find — among other things — that we have decided to rank each program in four main categories: Recruiting Base, Tradition, Campus Life and Recent History.

Under each of those four umbrella categories are 20 sub-categories.  Simply put, we’re grading SEC programs in 20 different areas.

Part 1 of our series — Recruiting Base — can be found here.

Part 2 of the series — Tradition — can be found here.

In this installment, we look into Campus Life.  And what exactly does “Campus Life” consist of?  Five categories that would all play some role in a recruit’s decision to attend a specific school.  Included are things such as fan passion, the makeup of the student body and even the weather.  That’s where we’ll start.

Below you will find the average number of sunny days in a year for each SEC campus.  The information comes from climate data provided by  We will assume that the majority of athletes would prefer to live in a sunny environment.  The sunniest spots in the SEC are:


Campus Life: Average Number of Sunny Days

  ALA   ARK   AUB   UF   UGA   UK   LSU   MSU   MU   UM   USC   UT   A&M   VU
  214   217   217   224   216   188   214   220   192   217   217   204   209   205


No surprise, Gainesville, Florida is the best spot for a warm and sunny recruiting visit.  Starkville, Mississippi actually comes in next with 220 sun-filled days.

Coaches at Missouri and Kentucky — with fewer than 200 sunny days each — have to convince athletes that playing in chillier, gloomier weather isn’t such a bad thing.


Next, we look at the male to female ratio on each SEC campus.  Again, we will assume that the majority of football prospects visiting SEC schools are interested in girls.  All the better if the days are sunny and those girls dress accordingly.  There’s a reason schools assign hostesses to visiting recruits.  The table below shows the percentage of female students on each SEC campus:


Campus Life: Percentage of Female Students in Campus Population

  ALA   ARK   AUB   UF   UGA   UK   LSU   MSU   MU   UM   USC   UT   A&M   VU
  54   50   49   55   57   51   51   48   52   55   54   49   48   50


The edge in this battle goes to the University of Georgia.  According to the numbers provided by, UGA’s student population is 57% female.

On the other end of the spectrum, visitors to Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Texas A&M are going to look around and see a whole lot of other guys.


Sticking with the demographic makeup of SEC student populations, we now look at the ethnicity of each school.  Once again we are left to assume that the majority of college football recruits would prefer to attend a school that enjoys racial diversity.  The table below shows the percentage of ethnic students on each SEC campus.  Again, the numbers were provided by

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