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Calipari Says He Has To Be Careful With What He Says In The Bluegrass State

As you saw in our headlines rundown today, John Calipari recently sat down for a Q&A with ESPN’s Andy Katz.  Love him or hate him — meaning Calipari, not Katz — it’s an interesting read.

The thing that stood out to us is what Kentucky’s hoops coach had to say about the attention focused on his Wildcat team in the Bluegrass State:


Katz:  What have you learned about coaching at Kentucky that you didn’t know four years ago?

Calipari:  Everybody want to say that Kentucky fans are vicious or obnoxious.  They’re not.  They’re crazy in that they watch the tape of our games more than I do.  But they’re passionate and smart.  Someone said, “I’ll bet your fans were mad that you lost to Duke (two weeks ago).”  They weren’t.  They said, “Hey, we’re young.  We’re gonna get better.”  What these fans want is for the program to be in the conversation as far as recruiting, national titles, all the other things.  It doesn’t mean we have to be the best at everything, just striving for it.  The students are the same way.  But everything you say and do is deciphered more here than anywhere else.  It’s almost like you’re the president, like anything you say is going to move the market.  So where before I could joke around, now I have to be careful, because anything I say takes on more meaning.


So do Calipari’s comments reveal a healthy passion for UK basketball?  Or an unhealthy obsession?

Or would we all be acting like Wildcat fans if we tried to read too much into his comments?

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