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UGA Will Be Without Another RB Versus Boise State

To say Georgia is counting on true freshman running back Isaiah Crowell is an understatement.  By the time the season kicks off, Crowell might be the only tailback on the Dawgs’ roster.

Over the summer, Washaun Ealey transferred out and Caleb King failed to qualify academically.  With UGA’s top two backs from 2010 and 2009 gone, the coaching staff moved tailback-turned-linebacker Richard Samuel back to tailback.  In the press, backup rusher Carlton Thomas began to get more mentions as a possible sidekick to Crowell as well.

But The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported yesterday that Thomas has been suspended for the first game of the season.  Thomas “violated team rules back in the spring,” according to the AJC.

With Thomas now out of the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game with Boise State, the Bulldogs will have Crowell, redshirt freshman Ken Malcome and Samuel as scholarship running backs on opening night. 

In other words, Crowell had better be all he’s cracked up to be.  And he better not sprain an ankle or stub a toe between now and the final whistle of Week One.

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SEC Headlines – 7/11/11 Part Three

1.  Ex-Georgia running back Caleb King may enter the NFL’s supplemental draft after being ruled academically ineligible in Athens.

2.  There’s a lot of NFL experience on Will Muschamp’s first Florida staff.

3.  Kentucky will be wearing LeBron James-branded Nike gear next season.

4.  A pair of ex-Vols see positive signs in Tennessee’s football program.

5.  This AAU coach — who happens to be an ex-college and NBA assistant — says July basketball is “horse**** basketball.”

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SEC Headlines 7/9/2011

1. Caleb King’s troubles at Georgia open the door for Isaiah Crowell.

2. Mark Richt comments on King. Running back may go to Canada or enter the supplemental NFL draft.

3. Jeff Schultz: “We saw what Caleb King brought to the table for Georgia. It wasn’t good enough.”

4. Have you resume in by Sunday if you want to be a candidate for the Tennessee AD job.

5. The Willie Lyles saga continues.

6. LSU QB Jordan Jefferson: ”I will be the starter, hands down.”

7. Florida coach Will Muschamp expected to address status of Neiron Ball before two-a-day practices start in August.

8. The 11 best receivers in the SEC.

9. That didn’t last long.  Three weeks ago, Kentucky defensive end Nermin Delic gave up football.  Now he’s back.

10. Cris Carter’s son will start taking classes at Alabama in August.

11. Warren Norman is a valuable guy for Vanderbilt.

12. The class of 2013 loves John Calipari.

13. Kentucky player Michael Gilchrist changes his last name.

14. Top 25 countdowns: The game – Florida at LSU.  The player – Michael Dyer.

15. “(I)n the annals of Arkansas football history, this may have been the oddest yet good season the Hogs have ever experienced.”

16. Last SEC team to “officially” lose to Ohio State?  LSU, back in 1988.


17. Does the punishment at Ohio State fit the crime?

18. West Virginia gets two years probation.

19. Man in banana costume attacks man in gorilla suit. Police called.

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Richt Says Tailback Position Is In Good Hands

Don’t worry about Georgia’s depth at running back.  At least that’s the message Mark Richt shared with the media prior to a booster event last night.

“I think we’ve got guys that can play the position.  Sometimes when an opportunity arises for another young man who maybe thinks he’s back in the back seat.  All of a sudden it motivates him to get even more prepared and just rise to the occasion.  I think we’ll have guys that will do that.”

Caleb King, for instance?

“Caleb has become I think a very dependable football player.  People can have a debate of how effective he’s been but when it comes to knowing what to do, when it comes to pass protection, when it comes to doing the things we’re asking him to do, he does a good job.”  Richt also said that he wants King to trim down this summer in an effort to boost his quickness and speed.

And what about true freshman hotshot Isaiah Crowell?  “I know he was excited about the opportunity to play early in his career.  I don’t think (Ealey’s departure) will really change his approach.  I think he knew that there were veterans there ahead of him, that no one had really nailed that thing down and really established themselves as the guy.  And he knows that.

“So whether Washaun was there or not I don’t think it’s really going to change his mindset and change his approach,” Richt said.  “But if it give him a little bit more incentive to be prepared, then that’s a good thing.”

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SEC Headlines – 12/27/10 Part Two

1.  Georgia fans can see AJ Green in the silver britches for at least one more game.

2.  This writer believes its time for Caleb King to start showing up.

3.  The Kentucky-Louisville basketball rivalry hasn’t provided beautiful basketball in a while.

4.  It looks like Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder will be healthy enough to play against South Carolina in Friday’s Chick-fil-A Bowl.

5.  USC backup running back isn’t ready to hang up his football helmet yet.

6.  Tennessee safety Janzen Jackson was back at practice yesterday after being away for what Derek Dooley called “very personal reasons.”

7.  The Music City Bowl will show just how much UT improved over the back half of the season.

8.  Bruce Pearl is still toying with his rotation.

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Three Dog Blight – UGA loses King, Others For Bowl

Georgia won’t have second-leading rusher Caleb King or two other Dawgs available for Friday’s Liberty Bowl due to academic issues.  Mark Richt said that King violated UGA’s class attendance and academic appointment policy. 

“Caleb had missed his fifth academic appointment,” Richt said.  “He won’t be at the bowl.  He won’t be here.”

The junior King was suspended earlier this season after he was arrested for failing to take care of a speeding ticket.

Back-ups AJ Harmon (offensive line) and Derek Owens (cornerback) failed to pass the NCAA-mandated six credit hours during the Fall Semester.

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SEC Headlines – 11/2/10 Part Two

1.  Urban Meyer and his program are feeling much better after Saturday’s win over Georgia.

2.  John Brantley and Trey Burton say they’re OK splitting time.

3.  Running back Jeff Demps is still bothered by sharp pain in his left foot.

4.  Meyer gave a game ball from the Georgia game to The Gainesville Sun’s Robbie Andreu… whose father passed away in October.

5.  Georgia is two wins away from a bowl trip… but they might go bowling even at 5-7.  (Still like the bowl system?)

6.  The two Tennessee bowls are eyeing the Bulldogs.

7.  Follow-up: Yep, Todd Grantham DID give the choke sign to Florida’s kicker.  Four times.

8.  Caleb King says his arrest on a traffic-related issue was “pretty much miscommunication.”

9.  Kentucky players want to extend the school’s bowl streak to five.

10.  The Wildcats can’t afford to lose their focus against Charleston Southern… or so they say.

11.  Brandon Knight led the basketball Cats past Pikeville College 97-66 in an exhibition game last night.

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The Friday Tailgate: Regis, I Want To Ask The Audience.

Content provided by Dawg Sports.

As usual Doug has a manic/depressive preview of this weekend’s game over at Hey Jenny Slater that you should really check in on. It’s a great read.

Or perhaps it’s not worth your time*, and it only seemed great to me because I was thinking “Whoa, this guy is like, living inside my head, man . . .” I’ve swung back and forth on this one repeatedly over the week. Seriously, I’m usually completely clueless about what’s going on around me. But I usually don’t find that out until after the fact. In the moment, I am completely convinced that I have a decent bead on things.

This week, not so much. I got nothing. On the one hand I think that we have a good bit of momentum from the last three weeks. On the other hand I worry about an ailing Gator squad having an off-week to regroup. On the one hand I look at the 33 points surrendered to Kentucky and think that will keep the Bulldog defense from getting too satisfied with itself. On the other I think that Florida held that same Kentucky offense to 14 points back on September 25th. On the one hand I think about how much better Aaron Murray has looked than John Brantley so far in 2010. Then I convince myself that it’s only a matter of time until he has one of those bone-headed freshman games. Caleb Sturgis is out? Oh, that’s so unfortunate. Too bad Blair Walsh is himself working through the worst kicking streak of his Bulldog career. Caleb King’s back? Washaun’s finally turned the corner and come down with a gimpy knee in the process. Really, I’m up, down and sideways over this game.

So, I’m turning my prediction over to you people in the form of our old friend, the over/under. Over or under Dawg Sports readers?

1) John Brantley will throw 1.9 interceptions.

2) Washaun Ealey will fumble 0.9 times.

3) Caleb King will rush for 99.9 yards.

4) A.J. Green will haul in 3.9 receptions.

5) Brandon Smith will touch the ball 1.9 times on offense.

6) Justin Houston will tally 1.9 sacks.

7) Tim Tebow will appear on camera live or in file footage 7.9 times during the telecast.

8) Uncle Vern will shed 0.9 on-air tears over his special nephew out in Denver.

9) The CBS crew will scrupulously avoid any camera time for the various “Time To Die”, Time To Dive” and “Time To Diet” posters, teeshirts and other regalia aimed at Chris Rainey, so that such items appear on camera 2.9 times.

10) Rainey will touch the ball 4.9 times for the Gators.

11) Rantavious Wooten will notch 0.9 touchdown catches.

12) Trey Burton will score 1.9 touchdowns.

13) The Georgia Bulldogs will triumph by 0.9 points.

 Choose wisely, readers.

And, at the suggestion of hailtogeorgia, the most appropriate music I can imagine for this weekend, coutesy of Band of Horses and the Redcoat Marching Band:


I’ll see you all after the game. Until then . . .


Go ‘Dawgs!!!

*Inconceivable. If Doug Gillett posts his grocery list on the internet you should probably read it, if only for the brief faux dialogue between John Oliver and Alec Baldwin tucked into the produce list.

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Georgia Writers Split Over Dawgs’ Chances

Florida’s three-game losing streak and Georgia’s three-game winning streak give the appearance that UGA is primed to kick a little Gator tail when they face UF tomorrow in Jacksonville.

But the big question is this: Do you believe Florida’s open date and all that went with it (tweaks to the offense, Chris Rainey’s return, healing time for Jeff Demps and crew) will fix what has ailed Urban Meyer’s team?

If you do, then you scoff at the Vegas bookmakers who made Georgia a favorite.

Count The AJC’s Jeff Schultz among the scoffers. 

“Not seeing is not believing,” he writes of Georgia 3-17 record against Florida over the last two decades.  “Until then: Give me the 2.5 points.  But I won’t need them.  Gators, Gators, Gators.”

If you believe Florida’s offense is too messed up to fix in a single bye week, then you tab the Dawgs.  The AJC’s Tony Barnhart is among the Dawg-tabbers. 

“Georgia has better players at quarterback (Aaron Murray), wide receiver (AJ Green), running back (Washaun Ealey) and the offensive line is way better.”

Our take?  Florida has the better defense and defense usually trumps offense in the SEC.  While we really like Murray — the kid’s a future All-American — and Green, Ealey and Caleb King have a tendency to fumble at bad times.  And at some point, Meyer will finally adjust his offense to fit John Brantley’s skills.  Won’t he?

We’ll roll the dice that Meyer has made the proper fixes this week.  Take Florida.

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Ealey Might Not Start For Dawgs

As of last night, Mark Richt still wasn’t sure who would get the start at tailback for Georgia this weekend.

“I don’t even know who’s going to start right now,” Rich told The AJC’s Tim Tucker.  “If Washaun (Ealey) was healthy the entire week, he might have gotten the nod.”

Ealey suffered a mild MCL sprain in his knee last Saturday against Kentucky.  Ealey says the injury amounts to little more than “just a bruise.”  After injuring his knee against UK he left the game, then returned to rip off his long trot of the night for 41 yards.

Caleb King is back from a two-game suspension and he could get the start against Florida if Ealey’s knee is tight or less than 100% in any other way.

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