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Yahoo’s Wetzel Tweets About LSU, Lyles

Earlier today we told you that ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” program reviewed the video and DVDs LSU purchased for $6,000 from Willie Lyles and found that much of the video was old or of poor quality.  In fact, some players featured on the DVDs were already playing college football when LSU received the video.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports has also pointed out — via Twitter — something regarding Lyles and LSU that seems to have been forgotten by many:

“As Yahoo reported weeks ago, LSU paid for CA, KS Juco package, but per Will Lyles: ‘all they wanted to discuss was Texas high schools.’”

No doubt Tiger fans will discredit Wetzel and Lyles.  That’s really standard operating procedure when someone points out something negative about a team (whether the something pointed out is true or not). 

But the problems for LSU are as follows:

1.  The NCAA is already asking questions about Lyles.

2.  The NCAA is already asking questions to LSU about Lyles.

3.  The NCAA watches ESPN just like the rest of America, so they will likely ask why LSU paid $6,000 for bum DVDs.

4.  NCAA officials can read the Lyles quotes just as easily as you can.  They also can compare those quotes to what LSU officials have said.

None of this means LSU is guilty of a thing, mind you.  That’s not the point here.  The point is that LSU — by having any connection to Lyles at all — is under the microscope.  And that’s not a place where you ever want to be.

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