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NCAA Prez OK With A Plus-One System

With some form of plus-one “playoff” system gaining steam among BCS commissioners, the head honcho of college athletics has given a thumbs-up to the idea as well.  NCAA president Mark Emmert had this to say yesterday at the body’s annual convention:

“The notion of having what I call loosely a Final Four approach is probably a sound one. … I can see a lot of ways in which a Final Four model can be very successful.  And if people want to go that way, I think it make good sense.”

Can somebody give Brother Emmert an amen?!

The debate over what form a plus-one will take — seeded, not seeded, a rotation of the bowls, a stand-alone beast out for bid to the largest cities (a la the hoops Final Four) — still has to be hashed out and agreed upon.

Another issue that we’ve brought up before — will there be a cap on the number of teams a league can send to a football Final Four?  If not, then non-SEC fans might someday see three SEC teams in the mix.

But Emmert’s statement is further evidence that the BCS train is going to change tracks after 2014.  And that’s a positive for football fans everywhere.

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