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Troy at South Carolina Post-Game: Thoughts / Topics for Discussion Thread

South Carolina
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South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore (21) falls into the end zone for the second touchdowns as Troy's Brannon Bryan (42) tries to block during the first half of their NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010, at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, S.C. (AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)

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Mary Ann Chastain – AP

about 1 hour ago:

South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore (21) falls into the end zone for the second touchdowns as Troy’s Brannon Bryan (42) tries to block during the first half of their NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010, at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, S.C. (AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)

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Well, that was fun: Carolina just wrapped up an utterly dominant 69-24 victory over the Troy Trojans. While it may be hard to believe, the game wasn’t ever really that close, as Carolina was winning 56-7 at the half and was at that point clicking on all cylinders. This is a solid win for a program that has often struggled to win with gusto in games like this.

A few quick thoughts / topics for discussion:

3. There was no letdown. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this performance is that we didn’t look flat after last week’s huge performance. Granted, ugly turnovers by Troy had something to do with the 50+-point outburst in the first half, but the optimist in me wants to take this game as an indication that this team has matured enough over the course of the year to play at a high level week in and week out.

2. It was nice to see both some big individual performances by our stars and some of the backups and unsung heroes get some time. Stephen Garcia, Alshon Jeffery, and Marcus Lattimore got to pad their stats a bit, while stalwarts like Patrick DiMarco, Ace Sanders, Brian Maddox, and Jason Barnes got more touches than usual and backups like Matt Grooms and Seth Strickland got a chance to finally see the field and enjoy a reward for their hard work.

1. It’s now officially rivalry week. Do we step it up and pay Clemson back for 2003 or do we play uninspired and let the Tigers make a game of it? I think we can all agree that we’d like to give the Tigers what-for after all the years of suffering against them, but I wonder how much the game means to Spurrier. We’ll see. Hopefully the good performance today is a sign of what’s to come in Death Valley, but, even in a down year for the Tigers, Troy is certainly no Clemson. I expect a tough game.

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Previewing Arkansas at South Carolina: Three Keys to Victory, What It Means, and Prediction

South Carolina
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Mike Fuentes – AP

FILE – In this Oct. 9, 2010, file photo, Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino, right, congratulates quarterback Ryan Mallett (15) after a first half touchdown against Texas A&M during an NCAA college football game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. One receiver after another has gone down with injury in recent weeks for Arkansas. Even Mallett has missed time. New faces or not, Petrino’s offense keeps putting up record-setting passing numbers. (AP Photo/Mike Fuentes, File)

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Three Keys to Victory

3. Be Special

Carolina has had a fair bit of trouble in the special teams games over the past few weeks, and–say–a turnover on a punt return after a key stop could be disastrous in a game in which we’ll need to make the most of each stop.

2. Find Some Way to Slow Down the Razorbacks’ Passing Attack

One of the big narratives going into this game is the state of the Carolina pass defense against Arkansas’s, to put it mildly, highly successful passing game. Even with Greg Childs not playing, Carolina will have to play a nearly perfect game to avoid giving up mucho passing yards. Heck, better defense’s than Carolina’s have had little success against these guys. Is it hopeless for us? It seems like that right now, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for (1) our secondary to do what it hasn’t really done all year (even against ‘Bama) and play a full game with no busted coverages and (2) for our big guys to get some pressure on Ryan Mallett. That could make the difference in this one.

1. Run the Football

The other way to slow down Arkansas’s offense? Move the ball effectively ourselves, preferably in prolonged drives. That will help keep our defense fresh in a game where fatigue could certainly come into play for our depleted secondary. It will also, of course, help us score some points–Arkansas has had very little success slowing down good running games this year, so if we put this one in Brian Maddox and Marcus Lattimore‘s hands, we should be good to go.

What It Means

In some respects, this game doesn’t mean a whole lot. The game is likely meaningless in the Eastern Division race, as Carolina will finish either second or first solely depending on what happens next weekend against Florida. That said, I still think there’s a lot riding on this game. There’s a lot of disagreement among fans about just what Carolina needs to do to call this a successful season, but one thing is for certain–there’s little to no room for error. Every game counts from here on out if we’re going to be able at the end of the day to call this the great season that we should be able to, and that means we need to pick up a win over a good and ranked Razorbacks team.


Like Phil Steele, I’m going with 38-35 Carolina. A late Lattimore TD makes the difference.

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SEC Headlines – 10/27/10 Part Two

1.  Urban Meyer says his offense has been tweaked, but his players says that’s not so.

2.  They also say that speculation that their coach has softened or changed post-health scare is way off base.

3.  This writer says Florida could lose all five of its final games… including to Appalachian State.  Alrighty.

4.  Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray will have to keep his nerves in check against his homestate school on Saturday.

5.  This writer says it’s time for UGA’s defense to step up against the Gators.  Something the Dawgs’ D rarely does.

6. Kentucky’s Mike Hartline has been added to the watch list for this year’s Manning Award

7.  The Wildcats’ run defense will be in for a test from Mississippi State’s “pound the rock” attack.

8.  UK’s Blue-White basketball scrimmage required some “iron man” performances last night.

9.  This writer suggests that no one will notice who’s calling plays in Columbia… when Marcus Lattimore returns.

10.  The Charleston Post & Courier has asked a doctor to comment on Lattimore’s type of ankle sprain.  Think the guy’s important to the Cocks’ offense or what?

11.  Spurrier expects Lattimore to be “100 percent” on Saturday and has said that either the freshman or Brian Maddox could start at tailback.

12.  Tennessee defensive lineman Malik Jackson says working in the interior is “like working in a phone booth.”

13.  The Vols’ offensive line is starting to make some improvements.

14.  Freshman UT basketballer Tobias Harris puts himself through private, 6am shoot-arounds because he wants “to be the best.”

15.  Vanderbilt’s new offensive coordinator won’t dump the hurry-up offense… but he’ll likely give a few more carries to Warren Norman and Zac Stacy.

16.  Casey Hayward is developing into a first-rate cornerback.

17.  Kevin Stallings’ basketball team is looking to replace AJ Ogilvy.

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The Daily Feed // 10.27.10

South Carolina
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"If you screw this up I'm not giving myself a game ball. Then how are you going to sleep at night?"

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Frederick Breedon – AP

“If you screw this up I’m not giving myself a game ball. Then how are you going to sleep at night?”

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You might recall an article we linked to yesterday here at the The Daily Feed about South Carolina’s tradition of playing “Thus Spake Zarathustra.” Well, fan of the blog, Chuck B, wrote me to assuage my confusion over the title of that fine piece. Let it never be said that Garnet & Black Attack doesn’t appreciate user-generated content!

I emailed to chime in on the “Thus Spake Zarathustra” vs “Also Sprach Zarathustra” bit you posted. You are correct in that the English translation of that Strauss piece’s title is Thus Spake Zarathustra. Also Sprach Zarathustra is the original German title; the German word also is a linguistic false friend to the English word also – they appear to be the same, though they have decidedly different meanings. German and English contain many such false friends: consider the German word Billion, which translates to the English word trillion (the English billion being Milliarde in German). Another more entertaining false friend is Präservativ, which reads (and sounds, when pronounced aloud) like something your Grandmother would use to make jam but, in reality, refers to condoms.
Keep up the good work,
Derek Dooley

The Derek Dooley reference was a nice touch. So there you have it, folks. Thanks to Chuck B for taking a moment out of his day to make us all a little smarter.



Steve Spurrier Weekly Press Conference Quotes & Videos | Gamecocks Online
Not sure I like this. I’m sort of a covert on this issue. Gamecock Man has convinced me that we’re at our best when The HBC is calling the plays. Why mess with it? Of course, maybe Coach Elliot will finally make us commit to the run.

We had a bit of a community system working a little bit. I called a lot of them. I didn’t call all of them, but we have a system there where we’re all on the headset. It was a little different, but not a whole lot different. When we look for a run, Coach Elliott usually looks at what he thinks has the best chance and so forth. I think the coach who spends most of the time with the quarterback probably should be the play caller. G.A. (Mangus) was sort of the main guy there than the rest of us, which was a little different than we’ve been doing, but I like that because he talks to Stephen (Garcia) in between series.

Calling plays is what Steve Spurrier does | ESPN

But now, all of a sudden, with South Carolina poised to make history and the pathway to a first-ever SEC championship game wide open, Spurrier decides the play-calling duties will be more of a “community” effort.

I have to agree. Don’t screw with success (I use that term loosely).

Thoughts on Spurrier and play-calling | Spur of the Moment
Travis Haney chimes in.

Something tells me you might not even notice who’s calling plays with Lattimore in there. And, from what we were told, Lattimore will be a full go Saturday against Tennessee. He practiced Monday. Spurrier said he wasn’t sure whether Lattimore or Brian Maddox would start Saturday. I’d bet on the former. If he’s healthy, start and play him.

Marcus Lattimore expected back for South Carolina this week |
Make it so.

Lattimore to return for Gamecocks | ESPN
I wouldn’t mind giving Maddox the symbolic start to make up for the Vanderbilt game. He deserves it.

There’s a chance that senior Brian Maddox may start against Tennessee after rushing for a career-high 146 yards last week, but Lattimore won’t have to wait long to get into the game.

Third Carolina lineman injures hand |
Go go gadget tackling club!

After breaking a bone in his left hand Saturday, tackle Melvin Ingram became the third Gamecock this season to sport a cast and tape over a hand.



Women’s Soccer Versus Florida On Friday | Gamecocks Online
Are you ready for South Carolina’s first SEC Championship of this academic year? If not, this video will prime you for it.

Brittiny Rhoades Picks Up National Honor | Gamecocks Online

South Carolina senior defender Brittiny Rhoades was chosen as one of 11 players selected to the Top Drawer Soccer national team of the week after her stellar three-point weekend that now has the Gamecocks within one victory if the team’s first SEC regular season championship. The honor marks the second time this season that the marquee defender has been named to the national team of the week.



Men’s Soccer To Host FIU Wednesday | Gamecocks Online
We better win this one.

The University of South Carolina men’s soccer team (7-5-2, 2-2-1 C-USA) is set to host Conference USA rival FIU (7-7-0, 1-4-0 C-USA) on Wednesday at Stone Stadium. South Carolina enters the contest currently sixth in league standings with seven points, while FIU is currently eighth with three points. The top six teams from the league standings will advance to the C-USA Tournament in mid-November.

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The Lattimore Factor

South Carolina
Content provided by Garnet And Black Attack.

South Carolina players huddle prior to an NCAA college football game against Vanderbilt on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Frederick Breedon)

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Frederick Breedon – AP

3 days ago:

South Carolina players huddle prior to an NCAA college football game against Vanderbilt on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Frederick Breedon)

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While an injured Marcus Lattimore watched from the sidelines in Nashville, Brian Maddox ran all over the Commodores in a Carolina victory.  Maddox totaled 146 yards on the ground, second most by a Gamecock for rushing yards in a game this season.  Only Lattimore’s 182 yards against Georgia was better.  Prior to his injury at Kentucky, Lattimore has been spectacular in his freshman year for Carolina.   What does his return this weekend mean to the South Carolina Gamecocks?      

How much will the return of Marcus Lattimore impact the South Carolina football team?

  9 votes | Results

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