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Thought Of The Day – 4/3/13

About a decade ago, yours truly was in attendance for a CBS convention in New Orleans.  The first mixer/get-together of the week featured a live performance by NOLA legend Buckwheat Zydeco.

As folks mingled away in the Bourbon Street nightclub CBS had rented out for the evening, myself and a couple of others wandered to the stage and focused on the music.  There would be plenty of time for French Quarter nightlife that week… but how many times could you see Buckwheat Zydeco up close in a private jam session?  And if you already loved the music of New Orleans and owned some BZ CDs as I did — this was back before iPods, kiddies — then it was an experience to be savored and filed away in the memory banks.


“You know I always been lucky.  I really hit the jackpot with you.”


Buckwheat Zydeco: "Jackpot!" | On Canvas


Now, it’s appropriate that Buckwheat Zydeco popped up on the iPod today because a good friend of mine who was also at that convention down in New Orleans is finally walking away from the CBS family today.  In fact, he’s leaving television altogether.  And he’ll do darn well.  Congrats, Frank.

And for those of you who need another taste of the world’s best “feel good” music, here’s a personal favorite as an added bonus.

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Top Hoops Recruit Claims UK Fan Offered Wife

You’ve gotta hand it to Kentucky fans.  Last week a Wildcat fan offered up his wife on in exchange for tickets to the Final Four.

Now, while doing a notebook for, top hoops recruit Nerlens Noel says that a Cat backer approached him on Bourbon Street and offered up his wife if the big man — presumably — would ink with his beloved Wildcats:

“I literally stopped hundreds of times and took dozens of pictures.  The fans were showing me so much love out there, and I definitely have to say that most of the fans were from Kentucky.

Now of course that had a lot to do with the fact that they were playing there, but I’m always just shocked at how dedicated Kentucky fans are.  One man asked me if I wanted to take his wife home with me, ha ha.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was like ‘Nah, I’m good,’ but that’s just how insane the fans were down there.  Great atmosphere.”

Was Noel kidding?  Was the fan kidding?  When it comes to Kentucky basketball mania, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Noel will announce his decision next Wednesday on ESPN, choosing between Kentucky, Georgetown and Syracuse.

For more normal recruiting stories for all the SEC’s schools, always keep an eye on the work Josh Ward does over on our Recruiting Page.

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