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Know What The World Needs? More Bowls!

Nassau,_Bahamas_welcome_gateway Were you worried that the little guys of the college football world were going to be be left home for the holidays?  Were you fretting over the possibility of not seeing, say, a matchup of Northern Illinois and Texas-San Antonio?

No need to fear, more bowl games are near.

According to Brett McMurphy of — Is there a better college football reporter in the country? — the five conferences that left behind by the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and Pac-12 will form their own new bowls in order to ensure that their teams get to have a little Christmastime fun, too.  The AAC, MAC, MWC, Sun Belt and Conference USA are starting three new bowl next season.  Those games will be played in Florida (one in Miami and one in Boca Raton) and in the Bahamas.

While 39 bowls is ridiculous, we gotta admit that the idea of football in the Bahamas is pretty cool.  The stadium that will house the game might be tiny, but we at might click over and watch a few minutes of Northern Illinois/Texas-San Antonio if it’s coming from Nassau.

The new playoff system, a new bevy of big-bowl tie-ins, a selection committee to pick the teams for both and a host of new big-conference deals — all facing one another and shutting out most of the little guys — will all commence next season.  And now the little guys will have some new destinations to aim for, too.

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Bowl Games In Dublin And Dubai? There Must Be Plenty Of Cash On The Table

dubaiAh, there’s just nothing like Christmas in Dubai.

It should be obvious to all fans these days that big-time college athletics — at least football and men’s basketball — is all about money, cash, bread, loot, simoleons.  For those few remaining dullards who’ve yet to grasp that fact, a news story from’s Brett McMurphy this morning should help pound the message home.

With a new bowl cycle set to begin next season, the five smallest FBS conferences are looking to create their own new bowl games.  That’s because the five largest FBS conferences are planning to play one another in most of the existing bowls.  And where might these new bowls be located?

According to McMurphy, in Miami, Orlando, Little Rock, Boca Raton, Montgomery, Los Angeles, Ireland, Dubai, and either Toronto or Nassau (the Bahamas).

Miami, Orlando and the LA area already have bowls.  Little Rock, Boca Raton and Montgomery aren’t exactly top o’ mind when it comes to holiday football, but if Shreveport can pull it off, why not those three cities?

As for Ireland, Notre Dame played Navy in Dublin last September.  Toronto hosted the International Bowl from 2007 through 2010.  Nassau would be the first Carribean-based bowl since the Bacardi Bowl was last played in Havana in 1946.

Dubai, well, that’s another story.  The city has become a desert playground for millionaires and billionaires.  One would suspect that the people pouring money into the Dubai’s growth are willing to pour a lot of money into a small conference football game if it means three-plus hours worth of advertising on American television.

Granted, there’s something to be said for the life experience the players would gain from traveling abroad for bowl games.  But how many fans will travel to Dublin or Dubai or Nassau?  This is about cash, pure and simple.  The smaller conferences feel themselves being squeezed further and further out of the football picture by the five ever-growing power conferences.

Further proof that a new line of division between the haves and have-nots is imminent.  Further proof that college athletics is all about the Benjamins.

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