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Big XII Commish: “We Could Be Proactive”

gfx - they said itAcross the college athletics industry, there seems to be a common belief: Most Big XII teams would consider expanding but big, bad Texas is dead against it.

We’ve heard that from SEC sources, from sources in the television industry, from sources familiar with media rights contracts, and from sources of sources.  True or not, it’s out there.  And recent statements suggest that, yes, there is some truth to the belief that the University of Texas is trying to keep the brake pedal mashed on Bob Bowlsby’s Expansionmobile.

Yesterday we told you that Longhorn AD DeLoss Dodds had opened up about possible Big XII expansion if only to try to shut the idea down.  “We’re very happy with 10,” Dodds told The Dallas Morning News.  “It works for us geographically, it works for us financially and it works for us competitively.”

Late last night, the Big XII’s commissioner seemed bit more open to growth when speaking to the same newspaper.


“We continue to watch the landscape.  Until we’re persuaded that larger is better, we feel pretty good about right where we are.  That’s part of what we’re going to do during (the NCAA Convention this week)… is talk about what the advantages are of getting bigger and what the disadvantages are and what are the advantages of staying where we’re at.”


While Bowlsby said his league would not just grow in order to match moves made by other conferences, he did say, “We could be proactive.”

The Big XII commish seems to view one aspect of the great conference shuffle as we do — schools and leagues are rushing these decisions with no real idea of what the results will be.  “A clear mandate only comes from a clear set of data that says this is the right thing to do,” Bowlsby said, making it clear that currently there is no clear set of data regarding the fallout from major realignment.

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