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Don’t Forget To Check Out These Fine Areas Of MrSEC

Just a quickie reminder of a few things as I head out the door:


* For daily updates on recruiting across the entire SEC — all 14 schools — keep an eye on our Recruiting Page.  Josh Ward just posted a story today about a new Vanderbilt football commit.  He’ll keep you updated not only on what your school is doing but on what everyone else is doing, too.  He’s good like that.

* If you missed any of this week’s stories regarding the SEC’s pipeline of draft picks into the NFL, check out our Blue Chip Stories.  These are some of our best research-driven pieces and most-linked to stories.

* Don’t forget you can also do the mobile thing here at MrSEC with apps for iPhone, Android and the iPad.  Never miss a blurb or blip of SEC news.

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* And when you’re done with all that, be sure to stop by the store and pick up some gameday gear featuring your favorite school’s logo and colors.


Why, we’re a regular Feed, Seed and All You Need Store around here.

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