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UK’s Calipari Has Heard Enough About His New Scheduling Plans

If you’re tired of people talking about Kentucky’s decision not to play Indiana… and John Calipari’s decision to start scheduling as a “non-traditional” program, you’re not alone.  Coach Cal himself seems to be getting tired of the feedback.

According to The Louisville Courier-Journal, Calipari responded yesterday to a question about the IU/UK series with “a 585-word rant.”  The coach said he hears from fans who say, “Schedule for America!”  His reply?  “I’m not scheduling for America, I’m scheduling for us.”

And there was more.  Much, much more:


“So what we’re doing is what’s right for our program.  (Indiana coach) Tommy (Crean), move on.  It’s done.  We’re good.  I’m good.  You’re good.  You have your schedule.  We have our schedule…

‘Why don’t you play each other?’  Because.  ‘What do you mean because?’  Because, because, because.”


Question: If another program refused to play Kentucky on its terms and that coach’s rationale was “because, because, because,” how do you think Wildcat fans would react?

But I digress.

Eventually, Calipari turned the conversation toward his decision to play more games at neutral sites and fewer as home-and-home series.  “Well, why would you do that?” he asked rhetorically.  “Because we can and no one else can.”

He then went on to say — according to The Courier-Journal — “he has some wild ideas that would make some people ‘very angry’ and prompt others to wonder, ‘When did they have the time to think this stuff up?’”

Like the men’s basketball / women’s basketball / football tripleheader he spitballed last week?  Yep.

“I want to play a tripleheader so bad,” Calipari said.  “You have no idea how I want to do a tripleheader now… and just overrun a city.”

We’ll just say what we said when Calipari first claimed a couple of months ago that he basically wanted to turn Kentucky basketball into a college version of the barnstorming Harlem Globetrotters — What’s wrong with playing games on campus?

Calipari has been a terrific boost for Wildcat basketball and the SEC as a whole.  He’s part Bill Veeck and part PT Barnum with a pinch of the best recruiter the world’s ever seen mixed in for kicks.  Even so, at some point a Kentucky fan or two might just get tired of “overrunning” other cities and decide that UK needs to care of its hometown ticket buyers, too.

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