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RIP: Andy Griffith

“The Andy Griffith Show” is as Southern as football, auto racing, moonshine, feuding and grits.  It’s as much about a feel and a way of life as it is about laughs.  Sure, its timeless humor — the show still runs in syndication to this day all across the country — has been embraced by all of America, but down South, “The Andy Griffith Show” captures a better time and a better place, if only in our minds.  Even for those of us too young to remember the time and place the show actually portrays.

So we’ll break from sports for just a second to remember one of the greats of the early media age — Andy Griffith.  The North Carolina grad passed away at 86 this morning according to his alma mater’s president, Bill Friday.

America — and especially the South — has lost a true giant today.  And for those who’ve never heard his brilliant hillbilly-goes-to-a-football-game 1953 comedy monologue, take five minutes and enjoy this:


Andy Griffith Football Story from 1953


Think of the millions of smiles Griffith put on millions of different faces over the back half of the 20th century.  Could there be a better legacy than that?

For that reason, how ’bout one more non-sports-related snippet you might not have heard:


The Wit and Wisdom Of Andy Griffith – Romeo And Juliet


Andy Griffith will be missed.  But “The Andy Griffith Show” will live on and on and on.  Especially for those of us born and raised in the South.

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