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Texas Website Says Saban Has Started Thinking About His Longhorn Staff (Which Sounds Kinda Funny)

saltgrainsIf you’re a Longhorn fan, it’s true.  If you’re a Crimson Tide fan it’s clearly propaganda from a Longhorn website.  If you’re anyone else, it’s just the latest log to be tossed onto the increasingly entertaining  “Will he or won’t he” Nick-Saban-to-Texas fire.

Geoff Ketchum of — the site covering Texas athletics — tweeted today:


“An OB source has confirmed that Nick Saban has initiated the vetting process of trying to see what a staff at Texas might look like.”


Figures.  With Saban even vetting assistants requires a dang “process.”

What exactly this means is anyone’s guess.  Is Saban calling potential assistants?  Is he drawing little hearts around assistants’ names in a spiral-bound notebook marked “The Process?”

Your guess is as good as ours.

But we will add this to the mix — and Alabama fans will like it — during last year’s Jon-Gruden-to-Tennessee buzz-nado, the ESPN broadcaster was reportedly calling potential aides, hiring high school coaches to work as liaisons for his Big Arnge program, etc.  And then he didn’t take the job.

Grain of salt time, folks.

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