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No Withdrawal On Tuesday, Reports Now Point To An A&M Delay

The non-stop scurrying to break the latest news on Texas A&M’s likely move to the SEC continues this morning… one day after the Aggies were expected to give the Big 12 notice that they were skedaddling.  Obviously, there was no actual skedaddle on Tuesday.


1.  The Houston Chronicle reports that for the sake of protocol, A&M will allow the Big 12 to announce its lineup changes.  That announcement could come “by today but likely no later than next week.”  For their part, the Aggies have no intention of discussing their plans:

“While we appreciate the tremendous interest in Texas A&M’s conference exploration, it is not our intent to provide a play-by-play of complex discussions in the media.  The proliferation of social media — as well as the pressure for reporters to be ‘first’ — has certainly fueled the rumors and speculation of what our next steps may be.”

2.  The Dallas Morning News reports that “it’s possible the Aggies could conceivably wait until next week to announce and avoid a distraction before Sunday’s football opener against SMU.”  Texas A&M has an open date next Saturday.

3.  Meanwhile, — the site that reported Monday night that a withdrawal notice would be sent Tuesday — is also pushing the “we don’t want to cause a distraction before the SMU game” idea.  That site also reports that “Virginia Tech could be emerging as the leading candidate to become the 14th team in the SEC.”

4.  We’re guessing you’re going to see plenty of “Virginia Tech’s a candidate” talk today because a story from The Roanoke Times is starting to make the rounds.  Doug Doughty writes that Tech would likely listen if the SEC calls. 

“After speaking to the most influential Virginia Tech person I know, I’m not so certain that the Hokies would reject a Southeastern Conference overture. … Contrary to my first impression, I do believe the Hokies are paying attention.”

In today’s media environment — where we’ve let speculation rule — one writer’s opinion can be taken as gospel.  So expect to see a lot of blogs claiming that Tech is now interested in the SEC… based upon this Roanoke writers conversation with one anonymous Tech figure.

Hokie AD Jim Weaver has already said that he believes his school would “politely decline” any SEC invite.

5.  Meanwhile, The Missourian connects Mizzou to the SEC… and to the Big Ten and to the Pac-12.  This columns point?  Because of its television markets, someone will want the Tigers if the Big 12 takes the night train to the Big Adios.  (I need to watch “LA Confidential” again.)

6.  There’s still more handwringing over the potential end of the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry should the Aggies move to the SEC.  Ed Cunningham of is pushing for both parties to work out a deal to keep playing.  That’s all on Texas, of course.  A&M has said it wants to keep the rivalry alive.  The Longhorns are the ones who could end it out of spite.  After all, it’s not like Georgia-Georgia Tech, Florida-Florida State, or South Carolina-Clemson have been nixed due to different conference affiliations.

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