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Orlando Writer Takes Aim At Ex-UF Coach Meyer… Again

Mike Bianchi of The Orlando Sentinel must have a clear-cut morning routine:


* Wake up.

* Drink a cup of coffee.

* Find a way to call out Urban Meyer as a liar.


No one takes shots at the ex-Florida coach like Bianchi.  (Well, okay, The Sporting News’ Matt Hayes is in the running, too.)  Today the Orlando writer has jumped all over Ohio State’s coach for something he said a week ago.

On May 24th, The Cleveland Plain-Dealer wrote that Meyer had this to say about college football’s drive toward a playoff:


“I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but I think the ideal setup is what we’ve had the last decade of football.  I can understand why [the change] is happening, but I was not one of the screamers or yellers saying it was broke before.”


Ah, but Bianchi went back through The Sentinel’s archives and found a Meyer quote from 2006.  At the time, it looked as though Florida might miss out on the BCS Championship Game — which it won, by the way — in favor of an Ohio State-Michigan matchup.  This was the coach’s take back then:


“If that (Ohio State-Michigan rematch) does happen, all the presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system.  I mean like now, January or whenever to get that done… I do believe as time wears on and you kind of sit back and look, that the only thing justifiable is to (add a playoff).”


Bada boom bada bing, further proof that Meyer’s a liar.

We simply look at Meyer’s quotes and shrug our collective shoulders.  People change their minds over time.  One quote came from 2006 and the other from 2012.  Heck, this writer once favored an eight-team college football playoff before arriving at the conclusion that a four-team format would probably do a better job of protecting the sport’s regular season.

So perhaps Meyer sat beneath his own personal Bhodi Tree and achieved some form of playoff enlightenment.  (A little shout out to all our Buddhist readers.)  The more intriguing issue is why Bianchi continues to pen so many anti-Meyer pieces.

It’s one thing to repeatedly update one’s views regarding a playoff system, transfer policies, or — ahem — a nine-game SEC football schedule, for example.  But to consistently go after one ex-coach time and again?  The word vendetta comes to mind.

Perhaps this all traces back to the over-the-top tirade Meyer launched against former Sentinel writer Jeremy Fowler back in 2010.  Whatever the reason, it’s clear that any and every time Bianchi finds an opportunity to question Meyer’s honesty, he’ll take it.

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