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LSU Running Back Jeremy Hill Pleads Guilty To Simple Battery Charge

mrsec-breaking-newsSuspended LSU running back Jeremy Hill pleaded guilty this morning to a charge of simple battery.  The charge stems from an April bar fight where Hill and a second man were accused of punching a man and knocking him unconscious.  Video showed the two men high fiving over the victim.

LSU had previously suspended Hill until this case was settled.  LSU’s leading rusher in 2012 was already on probation from a misdemeanor charge of carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old girl. Hill has a hearing on his probation set for August.

WBRZ TV in Baton Rouge has the details on Hill’s sentencing – “two years supervised probation, fined him $375 for the victim’s medical bills, and ordered him to write a letter of apology.”

Update: The Advocate points out that per NCAA guidelines, schools must notify students by July 1 whether their scholarship has been renewed and privacy laws allow students to opt out of disclosing this information.  “I have been advised by the University Registrar that Mr. Hill is on file as having exercised (the) opt out right,” Miriam Segar, an associate athletic director at LSU, wrote to The Advocate in response to a records request. “LSU is not authorized under federal law to disclose any record.”

If Hill’s scholarship was pulled, the paper points, he would have 10 days to submit a written notification of appeal. A hearing would then take place and the player would be notified of a decision in three days.

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LSU’s Les Leaps For A Cause (OK, He Rapels For A Cause, But That Blows The Alliteration Thing))

How ’bout a round of applause for LSU head coach Les Miles?

Yesterday, the Tigers’ coach took off his ill-fitting baseball cap and put on an ill-fitting safety helmet.  Then he roped himself up and rappelled 20 freakin’ stories down the side of a Baton Rouge skyscraper.

Miles’ slide down the building was designed to help draw attention to foster-care children in the state of Louisiana who need adopting.  The Louisiana Family Forum wants to see 100 children placed in homes this year.

The reigning Miss Louisiana also went “Over the Edge for Adoption” with Miles.  (Good thing he didn’t go with George Costanza.)  You can take in a breakdown of the event below.


Over the Edge for Adoption in Louisiana


Kudos to Miles.

And as a sidenote, wouldn’t it be fun to see Miles wear that helmet during a Tiger football game?

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Snoop Lion’s Son Offered A Scholarship By LSU

Cordell-BroadusReceiver prospect Cordell Broadus has a snared himself a new scholarship offer to go along with previous offers from California, Duke, Oregon State, Southern Cal, UCLA, Washington and Tennessee.  LSU is the latest school to put an offer on the table.

So why is this story on our homepage and not just on the recruiting page?

Because you might have heard of Broadus’ father — Snoop Lion.  Though you might know him better by his pre-Rastafarian name — Snoop Dogg.  And Snoop Dogg’s ties to LSU and its coach might help the Tigers’ chances in the race for Broadus.

The rap star is a massive sports fan and has backed a number of colleges over the years with Southern Cal’s and LSU’s jerseys being among his favorites to wear in public.  At one time he also had a house in Baton Rouge.  And in 2008, he popped up with Les Miles at a Rotary Club meeting, prompting Miles to say: “I defend his music and am much more a fan of the person.”

Snoop Dogg, er Lion said he showed up at the event (pictured below) “to give my love and support to Coach Miles.”


snoop and les


At the moment, Broadus seems to be more wowed by Southern Cal’s offer, having grown up a Trojan fan.

Still, Miles’ friendship (?) with the junior-to-be’s father can’t hurt LSU’s chances.

After Tyrann Mathieu’s alleged admission that he failed double-digit drug tests for weed while in Baton Rouge, we’ll let you insert your own joke about the Tigers now chasing the son of a tried and true Rastafarian.

In the words of Broadus’ father: bow wow wow yippee yo yippie yay.

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If High-5′ing Hill Was Caught Beating A Man On Video He Should Be 86′d By LSU

gfx - honest opinionOn Saturday morning, LSU running back Jeremy Hill was arrested for simple battery after he and another man struck a 20-year-old victim multiple times — knocking the man unconscious — at a bar just off the Baton Rouge campus.

On Monday, Tiger head football coach Les Miles suspended his team’s leading returning rusher indefinitely.

Yesterday, the Baton Rouge Police Department’s report on the arrest went public.  The report states that a cell phone video shows Hill punch the victim from behind.  The video then shows the other assailant knock the victim unconscious with yet another blow from behind.  At that point, Hill and the other man high-fived in celebration of their knockout.

Today, if video truly exists showing Hill beating another man and celebrating, the player should be removed from the LSU football team.  Permanently.

Readers of this site know that we believe in second chances and due process (in a court of law).  When it comes to typical college mistakes — such as alcohol- and marijuana-related incidents — we also feel a coach and a school have every right to weigh their options and offer paths to redemption if they feel they’re warranted.

But violence?

Uh-uh.  Different beast.

Student-athletes might not yet receive $2,000 stipends for their on-field efforts, but they are given free educations.  Check the price tag on college tuition these days and you’ll see that number’s far north of $2,000.  In exchange for thousands of dollars worth of free schooling, all athletes have to do is represent their university in proper fashion on and off the field or court.

Making headlines by beating someone into unconsciousness doesn’t fit that description.  Celebrating after the fact only makes the foul matter worse.

And according to the police report, that’s exactly what Hill did.  As captured on cell phone video by a witness.

Hill’s attorney told The Baton Rouge Advocate via email: “Obviously, Jeremy was there as the video indicates.  However, there is most likely more to the story than what is contained in a 30-second video.”

Probably so.  But unless the victim assaulted Hill and/or the other unidentified assailant — who could face a felony charge for his involvement — there’s little reason, in our view, for Hill to remain on the LSU football team.

Having said that, we suspect he will indeed return to the team at some point.  First, Hill will have his own version of the incident.  Second, he might cooperate with police (though with the second man still unidentified it doesn’t sound as though Hill has been too cooperative to this point).  Finally, there’s the grey area of who threw the most punches and whose blow actually led to the knockout.

Jeremy Hill — who pled guilty to misdemeanor carnal knowledge in 2012 for engaging in a sex act with a 14-year-old girl in 2010 — is a representative of Louisiana State University.  He receives free room and board from the school and his path to the NFL has been paved in purple and gold.  But if it’s found that he helped beat a man into unconsciousness and then celebrated that act in plain view of witnesses and their cell phone cameras, he hasn’t lived up to his end of the bargain.

Tiger fans might want Hill toting the football for their team this fall, but with two arrests and one violent attack already on his resume, do LSU grads really want Hill representing their alma mater any longer?

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LSU RB Hill Suspended Indefinitely

mrsec-breaking-newsThe leading returning rusher for LSU’s football team is now on indefinite suspension.  Following an arrest for simple battery over the weekend, it was announced today that Jeremy Hill would be barred from the Tiger program.  According to the school’s statement, head coach Les Miles will “let the incident play out through the legal system before making additional comments.”

Hill was charged with taking part in the beating of another student at a Baton Rouge bar.  Reportedly there is video of the incident showing Hill and another man beating the student to the point of unconsciousness.

If Hill is convicted of the simple battery charge, he would be in violation of a probation stemming from his guilty plea on a “carnal knowledge of a juvenile” charge in 2011.

As a freshman last season, Hill rushed for 755 yards on 142 carries with 12 touchdowns.

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Miles Not Worried About Underclassmen Departures At LSU

gfx - they said itJanuary has been a rough slog for LSU football fans.  One junior after another has announced his intentions to leave Baton Rouge early for a spot in the NFL draft.  The total has now reached 10 players from last year’s team, 11 if you count Tyrann Mathieu who drugged his way out of school prior to the season.

One person who’s not worried?  Les Miles.  At least that’s what he’s saying publicly:


“I like the state of the program.  I like the fact that we send guys to the NFL early and recruit guys with the potential to go to the NFL early…

I could go down every guy and I could tell you that the reasons are personally compelling.  Were they my decisions?  No, but frankly I understood them.

I think some guys are looking forward to having great and long pro careers and some guys are trying to optimize a lower position in a draft spot and maximize the number of years they get to be there…

Some guys think they may never be most optimally positioned for the NFL and this may be the best that they’ve got.  It may be bad, but they think it’s the best that they have.”


Miles also told The Baton Rouge Advocate that his staff “anticipated the departures, to a certain extent, and we recruited guys right along that we anticipate would come in and have a great opporunity to play very early and play big roles on next year’s team.

Sounds good.  But here’s guessing Miles is actually pretty frustrated by all the turnover.  How could he not be?

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Thought Of The Day – 11/29/12

Thursdsay morning.  Year-end stat breakdowns on the way.  Coach search news, too.  Much more.

First, we break from the habit of leaving your morning lyrical inspiration to chance.  Instead, this long-distance dedication goes out to Arkansas AD Jeff Long from Les in Baton Rouge…


I want money, lots and lots of money.  I want the pie in the sky.”


Calloway – I Wanna Be Rich (Official Video)


News on the way…

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Miles To The Razorbacks? The Latest On UA’s Search

Yesterday, the website — a site that floats lots of stories and occasionally nails a whopper — tweeted that they had heard Arkansas was making a run at LSU’s Les Miles.  We scoffed.  Openly.  In this day and age, there’s not a single rumor that we don’t treat with cynicism/skepticism and this one seemed like total hogwash (pun intended).  Why in the world would Miles leave a gold mine for a bit tougher job?

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette quickly tracked down Miles’ agent who said “There’s nothing like that going on.”

But then a source told The New Orleans Times-Picayune that an offer of $27.5 million over five years was indeed put before Miles by Arkansas AD Jeff Long:


“They made a serious offer.  (LSU AD) Joe (Alleva) is meeting with (Miles’) agent and the discussion is ongoing.”


Les Miles would not provide a comment according to LSU’s sports information department.  “We’ve seen the tweet by SportsByBrooks ans we’re not going to comment on rumors or bits of information,” Michael Bonnette said.  “It has been brought to Les’ attention and he didn’t have anything to say.”  Miles is scheduled to meet with the media today at 3pm ET regarding the Tigers’ 10-2 season.

The Baton Rouge Advocate could not get a comment from Alleva or Miles’ agent George Bass.

Last night, we worked the phones regarding all three ongoing coaching searches in the SEC and here’s what we learned after speaking to two sources close to the Arkansas search and one industry source:


1.  Arkansas did make a run at Miles.  We could not confirm the numbers being kicked around, but it is believed UA has made LSU’s coach an offer in excess of $5 million per season.

2.  Miles has ties to both Arkansas’ AD and Arkansas’ biggest booster — Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.  Long and Miles served at Michigan together from 1987 through 1994.  Miles was on Michigan’s coaching staff, long in the athletic department.  Miles then served as an assistant coach with the Cowboys from 1998 through 2000.

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Bama Stays #1 In BCS Standings, Still Five SEC Squads In The Top Eight

Alabama’s last-minute win at LSU on Saturday kept the Tide on top of the BCS standings this week.  No wonder, Bama literally made their final touchdown drive look as easy as could be… as if they’d simply been waiting for someone to flip their offensive switch to the “on” position.

As we showed you last week, the BCS Championship Game representatives are likely already in the top four of the standings.  Those top four teams remain the same this week:


1.  Alabama

2.  Kansas State

3.  Oregon — up one from last week

4.  Notre Dame — leap-frogged by the Ducks


From there, four more SEC squads have shuffled around a bit:


5.  Georgia — up one from last week

6.  Florida — up one from last week

7.  LSU — down two from last week following the loss to Bama

8.  South Carolina


Elsewhere, Texas A&M moved from #16 to #15.  That slot was vacated by Mississippi State — pounded by A&M on Saturday — who fell all the way from #15 to #21.

Alabama’s offense was tested Saturday in Baton Rouge.  This week, Johnny Manziel and the Aggies will give Nick Saban’s defense a greater test.  A&M will be fired up.  Will Bama suffer a letdown following its emotional win at LSU?

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Gilmore’s Trip To Oklahoma Was ‘Mind Blowing’

Defensive tackle Greg Gilmore from South View High School in Hope Mills, N.C., took an official visit to Oklahoma last weekend.

“It was a mind-blowing experience,” Gilmore told ESPN RecruitingNation. “I had a lot of fun and got a lot out of it. There were no negatives at all. The atmosphere was amazing, as good as any I’ve seen.”

Gilmore is also considering Florida and LSU and plans to visit Baton Rouge, La., this weekend to watch the Tigers play Alabama. Gilmore, who’s already taken an official visit to Florida, will likely announce his decision on Nov. 8 on ESPNU.

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