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Switzer: “I Wanted To Jerk (Manziel’s) Facemask” For Acting So Arrogantly

gfx - they said itDon’t count ex-Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer among the members of the Johnny Manziel fan club.  The man who won national titles in college and a Super Bowl in the pros told ESPN Radio yesterday that he was ticked off by Manziel’s money and autograph gestures last Saturday:


“I’m certainly disappointed in his actions…  For him to act so arrogant, I wanted to jerk his facemask and I wanted to grab him.  Of course, you get fired for that now; in the old days you could get away with that.  It’s the world we live in.  It’s a misplaced value system.  When I see this happen I wonder where the core value system comes from, if he has a core value system.  This young man needs a damn hell of a lot of development.”


While the majority of people outside of College Station — and some in College Station — share the coach’s view, Switzer might not be the best person to talk about “where the core value system comes from.”  If Brian Bosworth was telling the truth in his 1988 book on Sooner football — and ironically that’s a guy who, like Manziel, became as well known for his persona as his game — Switzer presided over one of the most renegade programs in college football history.  At the time, Switzer denied some of the accusations.

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Jones Intends To Be A Hands-On CEO With Vols

TENNESSEE MEDIA DAYSAsked if he would be an offensive coach or a defensive coach, Jones responded:


“I’m an offensive coach by nature, but I like to look at myself as a CEO.  I’m responsible for the vision, the direction of the entire football program…

I’m gonna be animated, I’m gonna be involved in practice.  I want our players to feed off our energy, off our passion…

So I’m hands-on, I’m involved, but I hired an offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator and they’ve got a job to do.”


Thankfully, he did not give a Barry Switzer-like “We’ve got a job to do and we gonna do it, baby!” yell.  (You can find that famous moment at about the :15 mark below.)


Barry Switzer Introduced as Dallas Cowboys Coach (ESPN)

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SEC Headlines 7/22/2012

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2. “What does the SEC look like in 2022?”

3. Ranking the SEC secondaries – from No 1. LSU to No. 14 Vanderbilt.

4. What makes the coach from South Carolina different? “Spurrier likes to mess with other coaches. He always has.”

5. Scott Rabalais:  ”Personally, I wish the NCAA could impose a $1 million ceiling on head coaches’ salaries.”

6. John Clay on new rules regarding coaches sideline behavior: “the new “monitoring” emphasis is one year too late…”

7. Some like the four-team model – others would prefer eight.  SEC coaches and the future of playoffs.

8. SEC coaches and the Connecticut Car Wash.

9. Why Missouri coach Gary Pinkel will never forget his first SEC Media Days.

10. Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope on his new conference: “It’s a privilege to be in the SEC, and this is going to be a fun year.”

11. A better passing game is the focus at LSU this year.

12. Alabama’s Barrett Jones on the challenges of playing center: ”What little glory the offensive line has, the left tackle hogs about 90 percent of it…”

13. The under-the-radar Tennessee Volunteers: “The Vols spoke, but few were listening.”

14. Can Kentucky’s win over Tennessee last year generate momentum for this fall? Wildcat senior Collins Ukwu: ”I remember after the game, you had old ladies and old men in their 70s running up to you saying, ‘Thank you’ because they haven’t seen anything like that before.”

15. The Memphis paper will focus its coverage on Ole Miss this fall.

16. “Did y’all say you’re from Missouri?”

17. Missouri assistant basketball coach Ryan Miller is headed to Auburn,  Third assistant to leave Frank Haith this offseason.


18. Joe Paterno statue removed from its pedestal – headed to a “secure location.”

19. New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby and the leadership challenges in the Big 12: “Beebe clearly was fired because some Big 12 schools saw him as a figurehead controlled by the University of Texas.”

20. Facebook and the new era of recruiting.

21. Is the Twitter universe ready for Barry Switzer?

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