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More Cam Newton Headlines

1.  Attorney Donald Jackson — long an NCAA fighter — says the Cam Newton ruling shows that the NCAA “determined that a solicitation alone is not a violation that rises to the level that affects an athlete’s eligibility.”

2.  Months of madness ended with a whimper.

3.  This writer believes the timing of the Newton announcement was all a push to turn the focus to the SEC’s title game.  (Again, think of Mike Slive’s influence.)

4.  Newton is now ready to finish his season…

5.  But the investigation is ongoing.

6.  And apparently things could change at any moment.

(Before someone screams about anti-Auburn bias, those last two links are to The Opelika-Auburn News.)

7.  The NCAA made short work of a sticky situation.
8.  This writer expects someone to abuse “the-Dad-knew-but-the-kid-didn’t-loophole.”

9.  Mississippi State’s Scott Stricklin sent Kenny Rogers a letter letting him know just how disassociated he was from his alma mater.  (Rogers’ lawyer points out this client never asked for money, he simply passed along a message from Cecil Newton.)

10.  The NCAA’s ruling included the very important words: “at this time.”

11.  This writer says the NCAA is 100% right and everyone else is completely off-base.  (Tiger fans… send bouquets to Jeff Schultz, c/o The Atlanta Journal Constitution.)

12.  Could the NCAA’s ruling on Newton be right… for the wrong reasons?

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