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Petrino Says Mallett Rumors Are Unfounded

Before Ryan Mallett hit the field at Arkansas’ Pro Day yesterday, his coach opened up about his former quarterback with NFL scouts.

“I brought them in and talked to them all,” Bobby Petrino said.  “I told them, ‘Here’s Ryan Mallett, one of the hardest working players I’ve ever coached.  He’s more dedicated and spends more time in the meeting rooms, studying film on his own and completely understanding our playbook and understanding what the other side of the ball is going to do.’

“I addressed the rumor out there that this guy points fingers and isn’t a great leader.  The first thing I told them was, ‘Points fingers?  We moved the the ball up and down the field, and got in the end zone all the time.  There weren’t a lot of fingers to be pointed.’  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Ryan is one of the greatest encouragers and leaders I’ve ever been around.

“Rumors are just part of football.  You can’t stop them.  Blame it on Al Gore.  He created the internet, right?”

Matt Jones of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has more on Petrino’s talk here. 

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