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The SEC Courting Duke And UNC? Just An April Fools’ Prank

The website had a little fun with its readers yesterday.  In a story titled, “Mike Slive’s Master Plan About To Come Into Devastating Focus,” the site claimed that the SEC was “deep into negotiations with Duke and UNC and ‘expects to extend an invitation to both within days.’”

A reference to Slive as “Swive,” a knowledge of how the SEC does business — it doesn’t extend invites until schools ask, lest it be sued — some serious jabs at future ACC member Syracuse, and the date of the story — April 1st — made it clear to us from the get-go that this was a prank.

Today, the site admitted as much.  “In case you weren’t sure, to the best of our knowledge, Duke and UNCA are not actively being courted by the SEC and are not ready to accept invitations in the next few days.”

Ha ha.

The problem with April Fools’ Day stories in the day and age of social media and Google is that even a fake story can take off.  Someone searching “SEC, Duke, and North Carolina” three years from now might stumble across the first story without the “just kiddin’” that came out a day later.

At any rate, no, the SEC isn’t trying to pry UNC and Duke from the ACC.

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