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Franklin Ad Fails To Woo Back Vandy Fans

Former Vanderbilt James Franklin has cooled angry Commodore fans by placing a thoughtful “thank you” ad in yesterday’s edition of The Tennessean newspaper.

Or not.

The ad featured the coach dressed in his old black and gold garb and carried the following statement above his signature:


“Thank you, Vanderbilt.  It was a wonderful experience.  I am forever grateful.  Anchor Down.”


He forgot to the mention that the money was on the dresser.

Franklin’s note didn’t win over much of anyone since the coach is still trying to woo Vanderbilt commits to Penn State.  If he lands them, he’ll surely also be grateful that the school paid for him to recruit those kids and their families to Vanderbilt.  If that hadn’t happened he wouldn’t currently have the pull to lure them away from Nashville and up to Happy Valley.

But here’s the thing.  It was quickly learned that Franklin didn’t even order for the ad.  Nope, Penn State placed the ad in the paper.  After being questioned about that fact, a PSU spokesman tweeted that “Franklin asked #Penn State staff to place Thank You ad in The Tennessean and he will pay the invoice when it arrives.”

Which is a little like asking your secretary to pick out some sort of nice little gift for the wifey.  It’s just not from the heart, James.

In reality, the ad was nothing more than an attempted PR move by Franklin and/or Penn State to quell some of the rage in Nashville and quiet some of the negative publicity the coach and his new school are getting over his decision to pack a few Vandy recruits into his suitcase on his way out the door.

No wonder most Vandy fans were unmoved.


franklin ad



The coach had placed a similar ad in Vanderbilt’s student newspaper earlier this week.

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Franklin Having To Build Traditions At Vandy

gfx - they said itVanderbilt head coach James Franklin has been doing it all since arriving in Nashville two years ago.  And yes, we mean all.

Commodore recruiting has soared to new heights.  Vandy won nine games last year for the first time since the Earth cooled.  The Dores have been to back-to-back bowl games.  But as Frankling said last week, he’s also having to worry about creating traditions:


“We’re trying to build a program, we’re trying to build a fan base and we’re trying to build traditions.  At a lot of other schools in the SEC the head coach doesn’t have to focus on that because those things have been going on at those institutions for 80 years.”


While that may sound like extra work, there’s actually a positive flipside to the start-from-scratch situation.  Franklin doesn’t have to worry about doing things as a legendary predecessor might have done them.  And how many coaches get to build a program completely as they see fit?

If Franklin continues to have success at Vanderbilt, one might actually begin to wonder why he would ever leave.  The man can literally be the “father” of a major college football program in the SEC.  (Sorry, old timers, but Dan McGugin’s last championship at Vandy came in 1923.)

Anchor Down, anyone?

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