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Our Thoughts Go Out To Our Southern Readers

Discussing SEC sports should be a pleasant pastime.  Football, basketball, great plays, bad calls… all fun.  Unfortunately, sometimes a few of us let our passions run a little too far into the red and we start spending way too much time attacking rival fans and rival schools verbally and on the web.

The devastating real life events of last night show just how silly such actions are (not to mention the people who take part in such mean-spirited nonsense).

Wave after wave of massive tornado-spawning storms sliced across the Southeast region last night, taking 194 lives by this morning’s count.  While Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee all suffered fatalaties, Alabama was the hardest hit state in the region, losing at least 128 residents to the storms.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power across the South this morning.  Governors in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia have all declared states of emergency. 

“This could be one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in the nation’s history by the time it’s over,” CNN meteorologist Sean Morris said.

An SEC city was one of the towns hardest hit by last night’s violent weather.  A mile-wide tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa killing at least 32 persons and leaving more than 600 injured. 

“We have large swaths of the city that have been pummeled, and we have to go house to house to make sure there aren’t people who need help,” mayor Walk Maddox said this morning.  “It literally obliterated blocks and blocks of the city.”  Maddox told that the devastation in Tuscaloosa was “unparalleled… the city’s infrastructure has been absolutely decimated.”

A photo tour of the damage in Alabama is both stunning and heartwrenching.

We at urge you to contact the American Red Cross — as we have done this morning — to make a donation to the ongoing relief efforts across the South. 

It’s time now for SEC fans to show their passion by helping their neighbors in need.  And we know that’s exactly what many of you will do.

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