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Thought Of The Day – 1/15/13

New Year’s Eve and Times Square.  Movies and popcorn.  The moon and stars.  Baseball and peanuts.  Shrimp and grits (for those folks wishing they were in the Lowcountry today).

There are just some things in our culture that go together.  Think of one and you’re sure to think of the other.  Two things that do not fit that description?  Electric guitars and bagpipes.

I bring this up on this Tuesday because the first thing off the iPod this morning is probably the single greatest example of hard rock guitars mixed with wailing pipes.  And if you’re thinking a Scottish band paired the two sounds you’ll have to guess again.  Credit the Australian band AC/DC for 1975′s “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll).”


“Gettin’ old.  Gettin’ gray.  Gettin’ ripped off.  Underpaid.  Gettin’ sold, secondhand.  That’s how it goes playin’ in a band.”



Too wild for you in the AM?  You can always go back and re-click yesterday’s kickoff song from Adele.  Yeah, you might say the iPod has an eclectic mix of songs on it.  As eclectic as, say… heavy metal guitars and bagpipes.

News is on the way…


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Thought Of The Day – 1/9/13

Good Wednesday morning to everyone.  A full day of SEC coverage is on the way including a look at which SEC football coaches of yesterday and today — hint, hint — would belong on a Mt. Rushmore-type shrine to the league’s gridiron history.

But first, the iPod kicked out a favorite band and favorite song this AM.  Twelve years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Everclear perform in Dalton, Georgia.  I say pleasure in seeing them perform because my ears are still ringing from hearing them perform.  If memory serves — and it seldom does these days — the band played in what was basically an armory.  I’ve got no issue with loud music… unless it’s bouncing and reverberating back and forth off of concrete walls.  Everclear in Dalton was the single loudest show I’ve ever seen in my life.  That’s saying something for a guy who’s seen Static X live in Vegas.  (Don’t ask.)


“I think you are blind to the fact that the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down.”


Everclear – Everything To Everyone


News on the way…

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Continuing Reaction To Hamilton’s Departure

What say we just knock most of the Mike Hamilton news out of the way in one AM post?

Here goes…

1.  A recap of Hamilton’s comments along with a breakdown of his $1.3 million parting gift can be found here.

2.  David Climer of The Tennessean tries to divine what Hamilton’s departure might mean for UT’s NCAA appointment this week.

3.  Andrew Gribble of The Knoxville News Sentinel says there’s no guarantee Hamilton’s move will help.

4.  John Adams, also of The Sentinel, rips Tennessee for giving it’s outgoing AD a severance package.

5.  Ron Higgins of The Memphis Commercial-Appeal suggests Tennessee put women’s AD Joan Cronan and Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt in charge.

6.  Megan Boehnke talks with some UT donors about Hamilton’s exit and about who should fill his shoes.

7.  Well now wait a second.  Hamilton’s coaches are saying good things about him.  What kind of people would say anything nice today?

8.  Apparently Wes Rucker of didn’t get the “trash Hamilton” message either.  He writes a piece that examines what kind of man Hamilton is.

Okay, now back to the really ugly rip jobs…

9.  John Clay of The Lexington Herald-Leader  eviscerates Hamilton and says Kentucky fans will miss him.

10.  Pat Forde of says Hamilton’s departure should have come months ago.

And everyone but the janitor at has a take on UT’s soon-to-be-ex-AD:

Jeff Goodman

Gary Parrish

Dennis Dodd

Matt Norlander

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Updyke Alleges Assault After Court Appearance

This one occurred yesterday afternoon, but we left it for the AM just to see if anything developed over night.  Here’s the gist:

Alleged Toomer’s Corner tree-poisoner Harvey Updyke appeared in court yesterday.  After waiving his right to a preliminary hearing, the Bama fan left the courtroom and stopped into a gas station called the Tiger Express in Opelika, just down the road from Auburn.

Updyke claims he was “assaulted by one or more people.”  His attorney told radio host Paul Finebaum: “Before he could get out of the car, it went black.  He woke up on the ground next to the gas pump at the gas station.  The clerk had called the Opelika police and the Opelika police responded.”

Okay, so someone spotted Updyke pulling in, recognized him immediately and clocked him before he could even get out of his car.  Fishy, but let’s play along.

Updyke told police that he hadn’t seen his assailants.  A police captain on the scene said Updyke “Has not really been too cooperative.”

The girl working the register said that she saw nothing out of the ordinary.  She has a clear view of the pumps, but noticed nothing odd.  “It’s been a regular day except for all the reporters.  He never came in here and said anything to me about it.  He never came in the store.  The only way I know about it is news folks (who showed up to ask questions).”

Ah, but here’s what Updyke’s attorney told Finebaum: “He woke up on the ground.  He had been hit in the head with something.  He wandered into the gas station in pain, and they directed him to a local emergency room.”

Not according to the girl working at the store with a full view of the parking lot, he didn’t.

Updyke did go to a nearby hospital and was treated for a four-inch cut over his right eye and a one-inch scratch between the eyes.  Police said, “the extent of his injuries does not equate to an assault charge.”

Jay G. Tate of The Montgomery Advertiser has an excellent wrap of the story — with photos of the gas station — right here.  He also points out that Updyke might benefit from a change of venue in his criminal case.

Updyke might also become a more sympathetic figure if he were attacked.  As his lawyer suggested on Finebaum’s show, it’s one thing to allegedly attack a tree, but to attack a human being is so much worse.

Perhaps Updyke really did get clocked without anyone spying it.  But there are an awful lot of holes in the story.  And surely I’m not the only person who thinks he might have crushed a beer can into his forehead and placed a phony call to police.

Either way, this episode just brings more spotlight — and more shame — on the Iron Bowl rivalry.  A rivalry that is now better known nationally for allegations of cheating, an attack on trees (!), and fringe-element fans who seem to think football is a pretty reason to truly hate their fellow man.

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Lawyer Discusses Newton Case, Suggests New Laws For The Books

Georgia criminal defense attorney Ray Giudice appeared on 790 The Zone in Atlanta this morning to discuss the latest on the Cam Newton situation.

Giudice is “a nationally known and respected voice on criminal defense matters” and he is “a regular guest on CNN’s ‘Nancy Grace Show’,” according to his website.  He also appears on Tru TV.

His take is just one man’s opinion, but it is a lawyer’s opinion… so we’ll share it with you this morning.  (Tip of the cap to Nick Cellini and the “Mayhem in the AM” crew who had me on yesterday morning.)

Asked about the comments attorney George Lawson made on behalf of the Newton family yesterday, Giudice said:

“He’s building a firewall.  Why should Cam be punished if he never talked about money, solicited money, received money?  This is the father’s problem allegedly and if I’m his lawyer I’m trying to keep that kid eligible. … Technically the dad hasn’t committed any crime.  The question is has his son committed an NCAA violation.  That’s smart lawyering.”

And if it’s found that anyone involved in this case was asking for money for Cam’s signature, are there any legal issues at play?

“I don’t see it.  I think you could possibly get the feds involved because now you’ve got interstate commerce — phones going across state lines — that’s how feds get involved in most cases.  You could argue some extortion case or some fraud case… I think that’s pretty tenuous.”

Finally, Giudice made one very wise suggestion that’s been talked about before, but has yet to gain traction — make it a crime to hawk a player for cash.

“There’s one easy way to solve (this problem).  Either a federal piece of legislation or a state law that says: ‘It is illegal, punishable by crime, for a parent, agent or other individual to solicit or receive money for a child to get scholarships’ or whatever benefits. … Then the NCAA can keep to what they’re supposed to do — keep kids in college, keep kids playing sports — and let the law punish the lawbreakers.”

Here, here.

With the amount of national spotlights now focused on the Newton case, the idea of making it a crime to “sell” players might finally get the backing it needs to actually come to fruition.

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