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Spurrier Goes To Slive Over Perceived ESPN-Bama Love Affair

Steve Spurrier is jealous.  Jealous of the way he believes ESPN has been fawning all over Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

Appearing on Dan Patrick’s radio show, South Carolina’s coach said that he went to SEC commissioner Mike Slive to complain about ESPN’s kind treatment of Bama.

Last year, ESPN did an all-access program behind the scenes of Nick Saban’s football program.  Think that kind of thing doesn’t help with recruiting?  The network also ran an ad last December that featured Alabama fans saying “Roll Tide” repeatedly.

To be fair, ESPN has run a number of ads involving “crazy” fans of various schools and teams.  And the network is producing an all-access series at Oklahoma this year.

But that didn’t stop the Ol’ Ball Coach from turning to Slive:

“I said, ‘How much did Alabama pay those guys to do that?’  He said, ‘Oh, they didn’t have to pay them anything.’  I said, ‘Well, what happened to Go Gators or Rocky Top or Go Gamecocks?’  I didn’t think that was all that fair.”

Is it fair?  Probably not.  But networks can’t be expected to provide 100% equal coverage of all 120 FBS schools.  That’s just not going to happen.

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Volleyball Bulldogs Close Season Wednesday At Alabama

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Mississippi State lowers the curtains on its 36th season of volleyball Wednesday afternoon in Tuscaloosa, Ala., when the Bulldogs (11-19, 3-16 SEC) challenge the Alabama Crimson Tide (10-19, 2-17 SEC) in a 4 p.m. match at the Coleman Auxiliary Volleyball Extension (CAVE). The Bulldogs will be looking to close out the year on a winning note and put to rest a nagging 10-match losing skid. State's last win was a 3-1 decision over Alabama October 20.

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A Word To All: There Are Black Bears In Mississippi

When it comes to mascots, I usually don’t lose much sleep over them.  When one goes away — Colonel Reb — I’m not likely to don a sandwich board and declare that my heritage is being trampled on.  Nor am I likely to fire off a snarky column because some school has chosen a new on-field mascot that doesn’t tie directly to said school’s sporting nickname.

Mascots are for children.  Kiddies get their photos taken with mascots.  I know of no adults who want to hang out with mascots.  I wouldn’t want to go to dinner with a mascot or have a mascot do my taxes.  Would you? 

So why should anyone care about what a school chooses to be its new official “Big Bird” or “Snuffaluffagus?”

Ah, but many do care.  When Ole Miss announced that its new on-field, live mascot would be someone in a black bear suit, there was outrage in one corner, guffawing in the other. 

“A black bear?  In Mississippi?”

Yes.  Black bears in Mississippi.  Laughably, The Jackson Clarion-Ledger set out to prove that there are indeed black bears in the state of Mississippi and they found — in fact — that the population is growing.

So take that all you masters of mascotology.  Looks like you’ll just have to get upset over something else. 

Might I suggest a rant on why the Alabama Crimson Tide has a guy in an elephant suit roaming its sideline.  Or a blog post asking what a bluetick coon hound has to do with the Tennessee Volunteers.  Or a column asking why the Auburn Tigers have an eagle as their live mascot.

Or you could do what I do and just say, “Who cares?”  Mascots are for kids anyway.

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