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What Kind Of Recruits Were The SEC’s Draft Picks?

By now you know that the SEC owned last week’s NFL draft.  You’ve seen those numbers.  A record 63 players picked.  No other conference could match the number of prospects [...]

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NFL Draft Rewind: The SEC’s Power Shifts Over Two Decades

With the NFL draft behind us — and 63 more ex-SEC’ers selected to stock professional rosters — we can now take a look back over the past 20 years to [...]

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New Playoff, New Era Give SEC A New “Mess” Of Bowl Possibilities

This week, the presidents of the FBS unveiled a good portion of the plan for the new College Football Playoff that will launch after the 2014 regular season.  Those changes [...]

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How ESPN Sets The SEC Network Apart (Even From The Net’s Texas Project)

There has never been a league- or school-specific network like the soon-to-be-announced SEC Network.  In terms of immediate appeal, it will be unmatched. The Big Ten Network doesn’t have what [...]

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New SEC Network To Be Co-Owned? Not So Fast

There’s an assumption, an expectation, that many folks seem to be jumping to with regards to the soon-to-be-announced SEC Network.  That belief is that the Southeastern Conference and ESPN will [...]

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The New SEC-ESPN Partnership Is About Much More Than A TV Network

For more than a year the sporting world has been talking about a potential SEC/ESPN-owned television venture known as the SEC Network.  Or as SEC types once called it: “Project [...]

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Better Think Twice Before Cheering On The O’Bannon Lawsuit

When it comes to many college sports fans, the NCAA is Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter, and Ivan Drago all rolled into one.  Evil, scheming, and too darn big and bad [...]

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Since January Of 2007 SEC Football Has Gone Up, SEC Basketball Has Come Down

You have to wonder if the SEC’s football and basketball fortunes passed one another on some great lucky escalator in the sky.  With the league mired in mediocrity at the [...]

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Don’t Like The Idea Of 20-Team Conferences? Don’t Worry, They Won’t Last Long

When Ohio State president Gordon Gee admitted last month that there seems to be “movement towards three or four super-conferences that are made up of 16-20 teams,” he was stating [...]

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Which Conference Will Win The Realignment War? It Depends On Your Definition Of “Win”

“What are you hearing about conference expansion?” “Any news on Florida State?” “Would the SEC really prefer North Carolina and Duke over Virginia Tech and NC State?” “They’re saying on [...]

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