Have no fear, Texas A&M's renovation of Kyle Field is right on track.  So said A&M chancellor John Sharp yesterday.  "We are both on time and on budget for the 2014 season."

Anyone who's ever worked with builders knows that's actually a bit surprising.

Sharp also gave a hint of goal of the project -- aside from making Kyle Field the biggest stadium in the SEC and, more importantly, bigger than Texas' stadium:


"The 12th Man has always provided a home field advantage like no other and this season, the enclosed South end and East-side canopy should make it a nightmare to opposing teams.  I believe that's what Coach (Kevin) Sumlin asked for when he said, 'Make it loud.'"


But the stadium will be more than just big and loud, it will also be "smart."  No outdoor football venue in the country "pro or otherwise" will have "smarter technology" than the Aggies' home base.  According to Sharp, once the project is finished in 2015, up to 100,000 fan cell phone calls will be possible at one time.  The stadium's new video board is already installed and operational.  A "Destination Aggieland" app is now available to help fans find their way to the stadium and to their seats.

Granted, as each school across the SEC expands and renovates its stadium, it's leaders will claim that it now has the smartest stadium in the league (and land).  But as of Opening Day 2014 -- if you take the Aggies' word for it -- no school will provide a slicker in-game experience than Kyle Field.