The SEC leads the nation every year in college football attendance.  The SEC boasts the finest collection of football stadiums and practice facilities in the country.  The SEC is on the verge of launching -- with relative ease -- a new television network.  

The common bond?  Passionate fans ready to spend money in support of their favorite school.

With so much fan fervor, it should come as no surprise that SEC schools once again dominate the annual list of licensed merchandise sold.  The Collegiate Licensing Company posted it's 2014 list of top-selling schools yesterday.  And while Texas, not an SEC school, tops the list, there are Southeastern Conference schools all over the top 75 list.

Two of the top five are from the SEC.  Five of the top nine.  Eight of the top 16.  Ten of the top 20 and so on.


1.  Texas (Big 12)

2.  Alabama (SEC)

3.  Michigan (Big Ten)

4.  Notre Dame (Independent/ACC)

5.  Georgia (SEC)

6.  Florida (SEC)

7.  LSU (SEC)

8.  Florida State (ACC)

9.  Texas A&M (SEC)

10.  North Carolina (ACC)

11.  Auburn (SEC)

12.  Oklahoma (Big 12)

13.  Nebraska (Big Ten)

14.  Arkansas (SEC)

15.  Wisconsin (Big Ten)

16.  Tennessee (SEC)

17.  South Carolina (SEC)

18.  Penn State (Big Ten)

19.  Missouri (SEC)

20.  West Virginia (Big 12)


Other SEC schools on the list include: Ole Miss (35) and Vanderbilt (56).  You won't find Kentucky and Mississippi State on the list because they do their licensing through other companies.  One would imagine that Kentucky -- thanks to rabid UK basketball fans -- would be a top 10 school in terms of sales.  (Indeed, the Wildcats ranked #5 on the CLC's 2012-13 list.)  Mississippi State would likely rank somewhere between Ole Miss and Vanderbilt.

In terms of year-to-year change, here's how the SEC's CLC-represented schools ranked in 2012-13 and in 2013-14:


School 2013-14 2012-13
Alabama 2 2
Arkansas 14 10
Auburn 11 18
Florida 6 7
Georgia 5 8
Kentucky --- 5
LSU 7 6
Miss. State --- ---
Missouri 19 20
Ole Miss 35 44
S. Carolina 17 16
Tennessee 16 15
Texas A&M 9 12
Vanderbilt 56 58


In case you were wondering, Missouri and Texas A&M ranked 18th and 21st on the 2009-10 list, prior to moving to the SEC.  As you can see by A&M's number, winning games and Heisman Trophy quarterbacks lead to increased fans and increased merchandise sales.