Speeding toward the 2014 season, construction at Texas A&M's Kyle Field is about to be shut down for a few months.  But what's already been accomplished at the 87-year-old stadium has left head coach Kevin Sumlin feeling pretty darn good about the future:


“To put on a hard hat and walk around a little bit... for us to do that is amazing. We’re building the finest football facility in America.”


According to The Dallas Morning News, cranes stand above the construction site.  The south end zone bleachers have been replaced by permanent, towering stands.  The largest video board in college sports is already on top of the new south stands.  The east stands student section has already been rebuilt and a new video board sits on the stadium's northeast tower.  Kyle Field's new brick facade is almost complete as well.

This season -- during the construction break -- the stadium will seat more than 106,000 fans.  That capacity will drop to 102,000-plus when the project is finished and opened to the public for the 2015 season.  

A&M's Phillip Ray oversees the project and he, like Sumlin, is feeling pretty good about the project.  "The team is going to be extremely proud of September 6th, but we also are very optimistic and enthusiastic about what's going to happen for the 2015 season.  This will be a transition year.  You're not going to see the full score of this thing, but it's starting to give you a taste."