SEC Football

1. Does it truly not matter who starts at quarterback for Alabama?  Grantland asks the question.

2. Matt Hayes: There’s one thing Saban can’t control: if you struggle at the quarterback position, you struggle in big games.

3. South Carolina quarterback Dylan Thompson says wide receiver Shaq Roland is so good, the defense knows what’s coming and they still can’t stop him.  “That’s when you know you are getting somewhere.”

4. Tennessee receivers coach Zach Azzanni on one of his wideouts:  "Josh Smith is going to be a very good player here.”

5. Spotlight on freshman running backs at Auburn’s first scrimmage. Coach Gus Malzahn: "Any time you have young backs, you give them the football in these first scrimmages and they get tackled, they get hit and you see how they respond.”

6. Alabama center Ryan Kelly on the tinkering going on along the Crimson Tide offensive line: "By the end of the camp,we'll be a lot better than we were last year."

7. Texas A&M center Mike Matthews is the leader of the Aggies offensive line.

8. Chris Low on SEC centers: ‘The league has never been this talented or this deep at the center position entering a season. ‘

9. Florida would like to identify its No. 2 quarterback and get him some playing time early in the season.

10. Don’t forget about Brendan Douglas when it comes to running back options behind Todd Gurley at Georgia.

11. Mississippi State wide receiver Jameon Lewis knows he needs a good year to have a better NFL draft slot.  “We call it the ‘money year.’ We’re going to get it.”

12. Ole Miss safety/quarterback Anthony Alford is a professional baseball player now focused on football. "Football was my first love and even if I made $100 million dollars down the road in baseball, I'd still regret not giving football a shot.”

13. Ole Miss renovating its south endzone – should be done in time for 2015 season.

14. Finishing touches on renovations to Missouri’s Memorial Stadium will continue right up until the season opener.

15. Were it not for a B+ in Classical Mythology, Mizzou defensive tackle Matt Hoch would have graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

16. Arkansas offensive lineman Luke Charpentier: I’ve been here five years.  I want a starting job.”

17. Breakout season for Arkansas running back Korliss Marshall?

18. Vanderbilt needs leadership from its defensive linemen as it transitions to a 3-4 defense.

19. Meet the super sophomores of the SEC.

20. How the cookie case against South Carolina crumbled.

SEC Basketball

21. Auburn down to the scholarship limit of 13. Guard Dion Wade transferring to the University of Miami.

22. Missouri meets Arizona in the first round of the Maui Invitational

23, Alabama will play Iowa State in Kansas City in November as part of the CBE Hall of Fame Classic.

24. John Clay: There isn't a John Calipari offense or a John Calipari way of playing basketball.

25, A ranking of college basketball’s best early season tournaments.

SEC/College News

26, Charter makes it official – joining the long list of cable/satellite providers who will carry the SEC Network.

27. West Virginia A.D. Oliver Luck on paying players:  “I think they should be compensated for use of that name, image and likeness."

28. Kansas State coach Bill Snyder: “We're all about dollars and cents…Universities are selling themselves out."