SEC Football

1. Texas A&M redshirt freshman defensive back Victor Davis reportedly arrested for shoplifting.

2. Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott – Heisman candidate?

3. Ole Miss counting on sophomore Derrick Jones to be its shutdown corner this year.

4. Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown has created a core fundamental list for his quarterbacks.

5. Missouri total wins at 7.5.  Making the case for the over.

6. Arkansas guard Brey Cook on the Razorbacks opener. “There’s no tired.  There’s no skipping a meal…No excuses.  You’ve got Auburn coming up.”

7. Just how dominant is the SEC West?  It’s 58-29 against the East since 2009.

8. On average, SEC schools paid their coaches $464,231 per victory last season.

9. The SEC ran the ball more than any other Power 5 conference in 2013. 15 of the conference’s top 20 rushers are back.

10. From Alabama to Vanderbilt, ranking the defensive lines of the SEC.

11. Alabama coach Nick Saban on Lane Kiffin’s transition: "As soon as you get used to being the boss, and then you're not the boss any more, it's a transition, I don't care who it's for.”

12. ‘Every fan base has its lunatic fringe, and we can debate until the Chick-fil-a cows come home whether Alabama’s is larger than others…’

13. South end zone expansion at LSU almost complete.

SEC Basketball

14. Confirmed.  Florida wingman Devon Walker tears ACL and is out for the year.