Last week, the plaintiff was handed a victory in the Ed O'Bannon versus the NCAA lawsuit that's been dragging on for five years.  The NCAA will appeal the decision.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive has responded to the suit's initial outcome today, dodging any of the legal specifics while hailing the decision as further proof of "historic evolution" in the field of college athletics:


"We are pleased that the judge recognized the educational component of college athletics, and the importance of integrating academics and athletics in this decision. There are a number of legal questions of some significance that must be answered to fully understand the ultimate consequence of this decision, and how to comply with it.

Together with the change in NCAA governance that was approved just a day earlier, this decision reemphasizes the fact that we are going through a historic evolution of the landscape of college sports and it is incumbent upon all of us to be thoughtful and deliberate in building a better future for our institutions and our student-athletes."


Slive is putting a positive spin on things, but he knows full well that last week's autonomy vote could be thrown back into review or thrown out altogether depending on the number of Division I schools who choose to veto that decision.  So you might consider this statement to be a bit of politicking from the most powerful man in college sports.  "The world's changing, folks, best you keep up and not veto last week's decision."