An upbeat Will Muschamp opened with a million-mile-an-hour monologue that could only be rivaled by this guy:



The big takeaways from his session:


* Muschamp said all the right things about his offense, his quarterback, and new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, Kurt Roper.  After saying that his offensive players lost some confidence in the scheme last season, he examined the numbers and found that Florida's rushing and passing numbers are higher whenever Jeff Driskel is lined up in the shotgun.  "He was recruited to Florida to play in the gun," he said.  Thus, Roper and Muschamp will use him in more of an uptempo system featuring -- obviously -- the shotgun to "utilize his athleticism."  He did, however, say that Driskel will "need to be smart" about when to get down on the ground and avoid hits.  The Gator coach said this year's team will be the most talented of any of his four UF teams.


* The temperature of the coach's seat was bound to come up and it did.  In fact, Muschamp brought it up in his opening remarks and didn't dance around it when it came up during the Q&A portion of his session.  "You combat the hot seat talk with having a good team and winning games," he said when asked about his job security.  "It falls on my shoulders."  Muschamp said his team would need to be better and "we will be."  In fact, Muschamp said this is the most complete team he's had in Gainesville on offense, defense and special teams.


* Muschamp felt that his team got more of Roper's offense installed during the spring than he'd anticipated.  Clearly, he also liked the attitude of his entire team during spring drills.  After a 4-8 season, it's no wonder the Gators had a bit more pep in their step as they tried to move past 2013.


* "Unfortunately all the guys I know really well will lie to me now."  That was Muschamp's response to a question as to who he turned to for advice during the Gators' long losing streak a year ago.  In other words, he's not going to be able to dial up many old friends from his stops at LSU, Auburn, and Georgia.


* Muschamp admitted that the injuries his team dealt with last season were "frustrating."  When he found out Tyler Murphy had injured himself in a scooter wreck, he said that his reaction was, "You gotta be kidding me."  Then he flatly stated that injuries are part of the game and you have to move through them.  For a guy on a hot seat who could easily be using injuries as an excuse -- a legitimate excuse -- Muschamp is instead admitting that his team has to get better and focusing on the future.  Quite impressive, really.  He deserves credit for not dodging the realities of his situation.


* On the issue of players leaving early, Muschamp made it clear that if a kid is not going to be a first-round pick, he should return and try to improve his stock.  Thus, he's frustrated when kids listen to agents and "people on the street" who tell them to move "when they're not ready for that."


* Overall, a pretty impressive session for Florida's coach -- once he ended his lightning fast opening monologue.  You can see what Jeremy Foley (and so many other ADs) saw in him.  If there's any question about whether Muschamp is closer to the 11-2 coach of 2012 or the 4-8 coach of 2013, this writer would put his money on the 11-2 guy.  It'll be tough to hit that mark against UF's schedule in 2014, but vast improvement is still expected.  Here's guessing Foley will stand by Muschamp if he can get to eight wins.