Bob Stoops isn't a fan of the Southeastern Conference.  Last offseason the Oklahoma coach claimed the SEC's reputation had been aided by what he called "propaganda."  Then he went right out and backed up his talk by dismantling Alabama 45-31 (the game was never in doubt) in the Sugar Bowl.

Going through the ESPN "Car Wash" of programs, Stoops came out guns blazing and with Mike Slive's conference his target.

First, he took on the league's 8-game conference schedule and its reputation.  "It's (non-conference schedules are) not real strong, and you're only playing eight conference games... The bottom line is, all 14 aren't doing real well.  And there's some of them you wouldn't mind playing."  (Here's guessing his brother, Mark, at Kentucky appreciated that comment.)

Next, he took issue with Nick Saban's statement that he had had trouble getting his team back up for the Sugar Bowl after their season was dashed in the last second of the Iron Bowl.  "So if I'm not in a national championship game, that means I've got a built in excuse," he said, mocking Saban.

Finally, he dissed Texas A&M's admittedly weak non-conference schedule (Lamar, Rice, at SMU, and UL-Monroe).  "Boy, that's a bunch of toughies," he sneered.

Did someone from the SEC run over the Stoops family dog? 

It's a good thing for the SEC that none of it's also-rans will be headed to Norman anytime soon because judging by the coach's rhetoric, Stoops would do his best to stick in his spikes and twist.  Oh.  Wait.  Tennessee will take its rebuilding program -- no returning starters on either line -- out to the Sooner State in Week Three of the season.

With Oklahoma the Big 12 favorite and looking to prove a point about the SEC, Stoops might make that night one to forget for Vol vans.