Recruits change their minds.  They change their minds all the time.  They've got short attention spans and, in many cases, very little real world knowledge.  Put it this way -- If you've never really traveled much without your parents being around, it's pretty easy to get swayed by every new school you visit.

The same can go for young players who are looking to transfer.  It's not unusual for a player to pick School A today and School B tomorrow.  Any follower of college football or basketball knows that's true.

So when players flip-flop on their commitments, most coaches take it in stride.  Flip-flops simply go with the territory.  But not all coaches keep their lips closed when recruits or transfer prospects change their minds.  You might remember LSU's Les Miles taking some uncharacteristic shots at quarterback prospect Gunner Kiel back in 2012.  One guy came out of that kerfuffle looking like a scorned teenager... and it wasn't Kiel.

Well, this week Nebraska's Bo Pelini took the low road regarding former Cornhusker commitment Damore'ea Stringfellow.  The reciever was set to transfer into Lincoln this month, but after visiting Ole Miss he decided to make Oxford his college home.  So Pelini did what he does best and put his sneaker right into his gaping maw.  "Read between the lines," he said when asked about the flip-flop.  "I think we all know what happened in that situation."

I think we all know what Pelini is suggesting happened in that situation.  Best guess is he'll try to walk that one back when pressed for additional comments.  But for now he's insinuated that Mississippi cheats.

Pelini went further still when asked if it's frustrating to have parents make their child's decision for them.  "Especially when it's a clueless parent."

It's interesting, though, that Pelini didn't suggest Nebraska cheated when he and his coaches initially lured the former top 100 recruit from Washington.  And he certainly didn't suggest that "clueless" adults were making Stringfellow's decision for him.

So just to be clear -- if a recruit or transfer prospect chooses Nebraska, all's good.  If he decides against Nebraska, we need to "read between the lines."  Uh, yeah.  'Cause who wouldn't want to play for Pelini?

​Perhaps the coach should have factored his own job security into the equation.  Stringfellow might have arrived at the conclusion that Freeze is the most popular man in Oxford while Pelini is lucky to be back on the job in Lincoln.  In other words, the odds of him playing under just one guy for the rest of his college career are much, much better at Ole Miss.